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The Deryni Roleplaying Game

Press Release

Randolph, Massachusetts
November 30, 2000

Grey Ghost Press, Inc. of Randolph, Massachusetts announced today that they have secured a license agreement to publish a roleplaying game and supplements based on the popular "Deryni" series of fantasy books by New York Times best-selling author Katherine Kurtz.

The "Deryni" series began in 1970 with "Deryni Rising." The novels weave a rich tapestry of romantic chivalry, medieval kings, a powerful Church, and a persecuted race of humans with the gift of magic -- the Deryni. The series currently includes four trilogies covering two time periods; the recently published "King Kelson's Bride;" and an anthology of short stories. Katherine Kurtz is working on another trilogy, the "Childe Morgan" books, which will expand the series into a third time period of the Deryni world.

A perennial favorite of fans of medieval fantasy, the Deryni setting offers roleplayers a rich world of magic and kings and high adventure. Grey Ghost Press will be publishing "The Deryni Roleplaying Game," a complete roleplaying game using the Fudge game system and presenting the Kingdom of Gwynedd and the world of the Deryni as a campaign setting for medieval fantasy adventures. Also planned are a "Deryni Magic" sourcebook and an "Atlas of the Eleven Kingdoms."

Ann Dupuis is the managing editor. Ann's professional credits in the game industry include writing (for TSR, Steve Jackson Games, Grey Ghost Press, and game magazines), editing (for TSR, Steve Jackson Games, and Grey Ghost Press), and cartography (for several game companies).

Jennifer Brinn will author the core book for "The Deryni Roleplaying Game." Jennifer brings to the project an in-depth knowledge and long familiarity with both Fudge roleplaying and the Deryni books.

The core book for "The Deryni Roleplaying Game" is scheduled for release in November, 2001.

About Grey Ghost Press, Inc.

Incorporated in 1994, Grey Ghost Press, Inc. publishes the Fudge customizable role-playing game and other roleplaying game products.

For more information, contact Ann Dupuis at ghostgames@fudgerpg.com, or visit the Grey Ghost website at http://www.fudgerpg.com/deryni.

(Coming November 2001!)

More Information on the Deryni Series, see http://www.deryni.net

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