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Announcing d20 Adventures from Troll Lord Games and Fiend Games

Press Release

January 6 2001

CONTACT: Stephen Chenault
Troll Lord Games
Phone: (501) 661-0449
Fax: (509) 272-3375
Email: troll@trolllord.com
Website: www.trolllord.com

d20 Adventures now available from Troll Lord Games and Fiend Games!

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- January 5, 2000 -- "A Lion in the Ropes" and "Galal's Grave," d20 System adventure modules published by Troll Lord Games, are now available for immediate shipment from Wizard's Attic (http://www.wizards-Attic.com/TrollLord.html). Distributors interested in placing additional orders should contact Dustin Wright of Wizard Attic's Leng Embassy.

"A Lion in the Ropes" (TLG 1401, 24 pages, $6.00) is Troll Lord Games' first d20 System adventure module. The players must unravel a mystery surrounding a horror that is stalking the quiet streets of three small villages. It is designed for 4-8 characters of levels 2-4, and entails roleplaying, combat, and problem solving. "A Lion in the Ropes" is set in Troll Lord Games official campaign setting, the World of Erde, as detailed in the After Winter Dark Fantasy Campaign Setting (TLG 1001, 24 pages, $5.00).

"Galal's Grave," (TLG 1501, 24 pages, $6.00) is a Fiend Games' d20 System fantasy adventure module for 4 beginning level characters. The elven hero, Galal, died valiantly while defending the lands of the dwarves from a great Evil. The player characters must enter the unique dungeon that contains Galal's Grave, and run a gauntlet of traps and magic to lay claim to the fantastic treasure that lies within.

More information about the entire Troll Lord Games catalog of products can be found at the Troll's Den (www.trollord.com) or through the Wizard's Attic link provided above.

About Troll Lord Games

Troll Lord Games debuted a line of universal fantasy adventure modules and settings for use with any fantasy role-playing game at Gen Con 2000. Troll Lord Games d20 System books and CD-ROMs are now shipping to stores. Troll Lord Games supports its product catalog with a constantly updated website, and promotional dice, posters, t-shirts, coffee mugs, and mousepads. For more information, visit our web site www.trollord.com.

About Fiend Games

Fiend Games formed in 2000 to publish d20 System gaming products. One of the initial companies to announce such plans, Fiend Games has joined with Troll Lord Games. Troll Lord Games will publish Fiend Games independently produced products. For more information, visit Fiend Games' web site http://fiendgames.bizhosting.com .

Copyright 2000, Troll Lord Games. "d20 System" and the d20 System logo are Trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast and are used with permission. Gen Con is a Trademark of Wizards of the Coast.

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