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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The latest news on Rolemaster and Spacemaster plus a RoCoCoCon reminder


Bodyguard - "The Roach":
All is not as it seems when a rich merchant is attacked.


Bellakar 1446-1540 In Umbar's shadow - Eric Dubourg
A glimpse into the history of Bellakar, a southern realm of Middle-Earth, at a time of crisis in the Third Age

Chronology of the Eastern Coasts - Cory Rushton
A timeline of the history of the Utter East of Middle-Earth

Rolemaster Professions in MERP: Rolemaster Companions III - Anthony Almeida
A comprehensive examination of the suitability of Rolemaster 2nd Edition professions for Middle-Earth

Press Release

Press Release: Battles with Miniatures 7 Available As Free Download - i-Kore Games


New Weapon Table - The Cutlass - Norman Schaschke and Raymond Ward
A fourth brand-new Arms Law-style weapon attack table for those who need that extra realism. In PDF format. Usable with all editions of Rolemaster

Unholy Horde - Brett Nash
A Ready to Run Adventure. Usable with RMSS/RMFRP

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