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Rulings on Characters.

Copyright Craig "Ichabod" O'Brien ©2001

Edited by Rich Kirkland for The Guild Companion



  • If more than one multiplier applies to an experience point gain, multiply them all together. [3/12/00]
  • Modifiers to critical EPs are also subtracted from the possible kill EPs. [3/12/00]
  • Spell EPs do not lower or exclude gaining Kill EPs for the same action. [5/2/00]


Adrenal Defense

  • If you are not using the Martial Arts Companion, there is no percentage activity requirement for Adrenal Defense. [2, 10/7/99]

Bastard Sword

  • You have to develop skill in one-handed and two-handed uses of a bastard sword, under the appropriate categories. [10/15/99]

Restricted, Everyman, and Occupational Skills

  • These classifications do not apply to skill ranks gained through training packages or adolescent skill development. [R, 2, 11/12/99]
  • Profession classifications take precedence over race and culture classifications; race and culture classifications take precedence over skill description classifications.
  • The restricted skills are listed in Appendix 1 of RMSS, at the beginning of each category description. They are also listed in table T-2.5 in RMSS; the restricted skills are italicized. [R, 2/3/00]

Power Point Development

  • The stat bonus for hybrid spell users is the average of the character's two realm stats. [R, 10/7/99]
  • The progression for hybrid spell users is the lower of the character's two realm progressions. [R, 2, 10/7/99]
  • Semi-spell users use the normal PP progression for their race. [R, 4/15/00]

Two-weapon Combat

  • When you attack with this skill, you roll two separate attacks (one for each weapon) with the bonus in Two-weapon Combat. Both attacks together take 60-100% activity, like a normal attack. [R, 10/29/99]


DP Costs

  • Changes in DP costs based on spell level take effect immediately. You cannot learn a spell at a lower DP costs just because you are learning multiple spells in one level. Also, if you have already developed a spell using an X/X cost this level, you cannot develop a spell on the same list with a Y cost. [12/13/99]
  • If a spell list is a everyman or occupational skill, the cost is that of the first rank that will be gained. [12/14/99]
  • You must develop ranks for the blank slots on a spell list. [3/19/00]

Extra Base Lists

  • Pure spell users pay 3/3/3 to develop the Open and Closed lists they choose as extra base lists. [10/12/99]
  • Extra Base lists may be developed as Open lists in adolescence for races that allow such. [11/3/99]

Hybrid Lists

  • A single realm spell user learning a hybrid list leans the list as Own Realm Other Base, as long as the hybrid shares a realm with the single realm user. [2, 12/13/99]



  • The elf meditation ability does not apply to healing rates. [4/23/00]


  • The +30 vs. heat and cold applies to the whole body, not just the feet and hands. It does not apply to critical rolls. s[2/16/00]


  • Treat "crossbows" as light crossbows, if you are using Arms Law. [1/24/00]


  • If a talent gives a bonus to "all foo maneuvers," apply that as a special bonus to the foo skill. [1/24/00]


  • You must compare each language in the two cultures, not the language lists as a whole, to determine if the languages are different. [1/24/00]
  • Extra Culture Lore ranks must be divided equally between the two cultures. [1/24/00]

Training Packages

City Guard

  • The promotion in rank has no effect on skill ranks. [3/6/00]


  • To calculate the cost of a training package, add up the DP cost for all of the skill ranks in the TP. Use only the first cost listed for the profession (if the ranks cost the profession 2/6, 3 ranks would add 6 to the cost of the TP). Add ten to this for each stat gain given by the TP. Discount this total by 25%. However, for every combat rank in the TP, drop the discount by 5%, to a minimum of no discount. Then adjust the cost of the TP as shown in the following table:


Note that the TP should cost about 20 for the profession that it would be most appropriate to. If it costs much more than that, it is probably unbalanced. Also note that extremely typical TPs for a particular setting are sometimes discounted an additional 20%, such as the Adventurer and Apprentice Mage TP's in RMSR.
Also note that the formula has changed over time. The original cost formula was different, and when this formula was first adapted, the final discount was not standardized. This was the formula used for Spacemaster, and AFAIK it has been used on all new TPs since then.


  • The ranks in the Technical/Trade Professional Category are obviously wrong. Either treat them as 2 ranks in any two skills in that category, or drop the cost of the training package to 18.


  • The "W" spell list is Dark Contacts. [10/6/99]


  • The promotion in rank has no effect on skill ranks. [3/6/00]

Stat Gains

  • Stat gains from TP's are made when the TP is bought, but any DP's gained are not received until the next level. [4/27/00]
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