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Dominion Rules 2.0 now available for free at

Press Release

Today, Dominion Games renewed its acclaimed Dominion Rules fantasy roleplaying system with the publication of two new rule books, the Dominion Rules Digest and the Armoury. With the publication of these two works, and the scheduled release of other rule books this summer, Dominion Rules reaches version 2.0.

DR 2.0 is a massive revision and expansion of the Dominion Rules roleplaying system. For an overview of the new Dominion Rules 2.0, go to:


The Digest is the core rulebook of DR 2.0: a 90-page guide to the basics of Dominion Rules, including Combat, Priestcraft, Witchcraft, Character Creation and more. The rules are explained in clear, readable prose illustrated by dozens of examples from actual game play. The Digest also includes an exhaustive Table of Contents and seven Example Characters, for easy of reference.

The Digest is beautifully illustrated with original fantasy art created for Dominion Games by the talented artists of the Illuminator's Guild.


The Armoury is the first of four DR 2.0 Supplements to be published by Dominion Games. The Armoury is a collection of weapons, armour, and rules for using them in DR game-play.

The Armoury replaces the old Armoury rules of DR 1.0 with a much-expanded and improved collection of weapons and armour. Descriptions have been added of every item of weaponry and armour, as have rules on weapon specialisation and crafted and enchanted items.

Further DR 2.0 Supplements will be released over the summer, including the Bestiary, the Spell Books, and the Games Masters Guide.


Both the Dominion Rules Digest and the Armoury are available as free downloads from the Dominion Games web site:


Dominion Games is the creator of the Dominion Rules fantasy roleplaying system. Dominion Rules is a fast-paced and easy-to-learn fantasy RPG based on the twelve-sided die.

Since its release on the internet in November 1999, Dominion Rules has been downloaded by tens of thousands of gamers from all over the world.

For more information, contact Dominion Games at

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