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Battles with Miniatures 6 Available As Free Download

Press Release

Issue 6 of Battles with Miniatures, i-Kore's official publication, is available to download now, for free, at Issue 6 contains:

Junkers: The Legions of Ironglass - Background information on the Junkers; details on their Legions; Command Structure; Tactics and Combat role; Colonies; Cities and Space fleet.

Introducing new Junker troops: Praetorian Guard, Berserkers, Centurions, Standard Bearers, Sandrunner Chariots, Suicide Chariots, Trident Chariots, Praetors, Censors and Tribunes. It also features new Skills and Weapons for the men of Ironglass.

About Void

Void is a fast paced skirmish game set in a far-future science fiction universe, produced by i-Kore Games Ltd. of Edinburgh in the UK. It uses a unit by unit activation system that encourages strategic use of supporting troops.The Void rule book contains all the rules of play, an armoury section and army lists for the four human armies, Viridians, Junkers, Syntha, V.A.S.A., as well as the mysterious alien race, the Koralon. A miniature line covering all the five armies supports Void, available in lead-free white metal.

About i-Kore

i-Kore Games Ltd. is a young, Edinburgh based company that produces and distributes its own range of white metal miniatures, along with modelling tools, paints and brushes for its science fiction skirmish game Void. The company's headquarters, at 55 Bangor Road, Edinburgh (in the UK) includes their warehouse and packaging facilities, their designers, their mail order department and a direct sales office


Felix Garzon
+ 44 (0)131 467 4 666

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