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Hogshead announces SLA Industries XS

Press Release

Dateline: London, 2001-05-10

In a blatantly cynical, money-grubbing move, Hogshead Publishing is releasing SLA Industries XS: a hardcover edition of the hit SLA Industries RPG.

"It's exactly the same as the softcover edition, only in a hardcover binding and more expensive," said James Wallis, director of Hogshead Publishing. "Let us be clear about one thing: give us your money."

"All of it," he added, his eyes alive with a strange glow.

SLA Industries XS contains no new text or artwork, but has a preprinted lithocase cover over .080 binders board and a smyth-sewn binding for extra durability. Big whoop.

When asked if Hogshead would be offering a trade-in or discount for gamers who had purchased the softcover edition of the game, Wallis laughed cruelly.

SLA Industries XS will be available from all good retailers from 1st June 2001, priced $37.95. Product code: HP500XS. ISBN: 1 899749 42 X.

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