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New Weapon Combat Tables

Copyright Norman Schaschke and Raymond Ward ©2001

Edited by R.C. Kirkland, Jr. for The Guild Companion

Rolemaster is a marvelously comprehensive system; for any activity there is an appropriate table to use. Except for weapons it seems. Try using a bastard sword or a long sword in a game. The combat system for Rolemaster is nicely detailed and is perhaps the centre of the whole system (it is certainly what attracted us to the game). So it is still a surprise to us, 17 years on, that only a handful of new weapon tables have been produced since the 19 tables we had back then.

If you are tired of applying modifiers which vary with armour types in order to use a nonstandard weapon, or you compromised your character concept and just took a basic weapon to save yourself some trouble, then you may want to use this table.


As metal technology improved swords were able to be made longer and armour was able to be made stronger. The bastard sword developed from the longsword to better penetrate armour. It is halfway between the longsword and the two-handed sword and so it is called the bastard sword. It is a little unwieldy in one hand but it has a long handle which can be gripped in both hands to provide extra power when striking. The grip is not a full two-handed grip and so it is also known as a hand-and-a-half sword. This is the largest weapon a warrior would conceivably carry as a personal arm. However it is a military weapon and only soldiers and knights would have access to them. Other names for weapons suitable for this table are: Executioners sword, Flamberge, Halstatt sword.

Click here to download the Bastard Sword Weapon Table

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