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Dead Fire Available

Press Release

The first D20 release from Dark Portal Games entitled Dead Fire is now available as a free download at our website . It is presented in .pdf format for ease of viewing and printing. Dead Fire is a low level adventure intended for 4-6 characters of levels 1-2. Basic plot information is as follows:

"The wizard Eldolan Darkbough is dead, but his legacy lives on. The village of Foresthall is under siege from a horrendous forest fire. The gold elves use their limited resources to combat the blaze, but their most powerful and wizened wizard has gone missing. Somewhere a lonely and tormented dryad holds the key to the survival of all in the path of the raging blaze."

Dead Fire features artwork by Raphael Arrais, the webmaster and co-creator of Karanblade and D&D World, both of which can be accessed at It also features art from David Genz.

For more information or to make an appointment please contact Darrin Drader at (907) 522-1345 or by e-mail at


Dark Portal Games was founded by Tony Bounds, Darrin Drader, and Dan Eveland. Our goal is to provide high quality innovative electronic d20 gaming accessories for reasonable prices. We strive to bring you products that are useful both in the context of our own setting, and also be adaptable enough to easily fit with any DM's local campaign setting.


One day three adventuresome souls met on the internet...


Tony lives in the State of Alaska. He found the untamed wilderness of the last frontier to be a great inspiration to his gaming milieus. Involved in the gaming community off and on for many years he's found recent creative motivation in helping establish the product line of Dark Portal Games. His popular campaign setting Eldrimoria and web site RUHN WORLD has been an ongoing project for some time.


Darrin has lived in Washington State his entire life, and currently resides in Tacoma Washington. He's been a gaming enthusiast for over half of his life. Other than Dark Portal Games, his largest success in the gaming scene has been his award winning web site: THE EMPIRE OF GALOVINIUS - an original campaign setting that is compatible with most fantasy role playing games. His future plans are to become a published fantasy novelist for one of the major publishing houses, and to keep Dark Portal Games producing top quality material far into the future, and eventually step up the size and scope of the operation.


Doyce is the newest partner in the Dark Portal Games lineup.  He lives in Colorado, and has a long history of work for various gaming sources.  His credits include authoring many online MUDS, and writing a short award winning adventure for Eric Noah's 3rd edition news site.

Further Information Contact:
Darrin Drader
(907) 522-1345

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