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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The latest news on Rolemaster, Middle-Earth, and the Silent Tower mailing lists


Dragon - Michael "The Roach" Janszen
The Roach puts his own unique twist on the cliched dragon and the village tale

Over One Thousand Years - Michael "The Roach" Janszen
A sonnet inspired by a gaming incident


Against the Shadow Strategy Guide - Part Three - Nigel Buckle
The final part of our in-depth critique covers the Minion Resources and Site cards in this MECCG expansion, detailing which cards matter and how best to use them

Middle Earth CCG World Championships 2001 - Nigel Buckle
All the details on this year's Worlds and North American championships

The Precious - Pierre Jonas Castillo
Strategies for success with One Ring Decks whether you are playing the Middle-Earth Collectible Card Game as Wizard, Fallen Wizard, Sauron, Ringwraith, or Balrog


A review of Other Hands Issue 31/32: Evil Races - Joe Mandala
Review: Other Hands issue 31/32

Bellakar and the Kin-Strife - Eric Dubourg
A glimpse into the history of Bellakar, a southern realm of Middle-Earth, at a time of crisis in the Third Age

MERP Lite - Craig Pay
Rules streamlining for any version of the Middle Earth Role-Playing system

Rolemaster Professions in MERP: Rolemaster Companions I and II - Anthony Almeida
A hard look at Rolemaster Companions 1 and 2 in terms of their suitability for Middle-Earth

Press Release

Press Release: Battles with Miniatures 2 Available As Free Download - i-Kore Games

Press Release: The Dying Earth Role-Playing Game Released - Pelgrane Press


Review: GURPS Low-Tech - Jamie "Trotsky" Revell
A comprehensive look at technology from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages

Review: Thunder Rebels - Jamie "Trotsky" Revell
Bringing the Sartar Kingdom of Glorantha to life


A Ring of Character - Robert Wenner
A powerful magical item which has a will of its own.

Wearer Mastery - Robert Wenner
A spell list for magical artifacts which gives them the capability of influencing their wearers for good or ill.


Body Mage - Mason Matchak
A new Mentalism semi-spell user who has total control of his/her body. Usable with RMSS/RMFRP

Body Mastery - Mason Matchak
A Body Mage Base Spell List which allows the caster to control his/her body's functions. Usable with RMSS/RMFRP

Bone Mastery - Mason Matchak
A Body Mage Base Spell List which grants the caster the ability to transform his bone structure for combat purposes. Usable with RMSS/RMFRP

Muscle Mastery - Mason Matchak
A Body Mage Base Spell List granting the wielder control of his/her musculature for combat purposes. Usable with RMSS/RMFRP

New Weapon Table - The Long Sword - Norman Schaschke and Raymond Ward
A third brand-new Arms Law-style weapon attack table for those who need that extra realism. In PDF format. Usable with all editions of Rolemaster

Superhuman Ways - Mason Matchak
A Body Mage Base Spell List which allows its caster to perform the impossible. Usable with RMSS/RMFRP

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