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The Body Mage

Copyright Mason Matchak ©2001

Edited by Rich Kirkland for The Guild Companion

The Body Mage is a semi spell user who combines the realms of arms and mentalism. Body Mages are skilled in combat but has used the magical arts to enhance his physical control and physical form. The Body Mages' spells allow them to perform acts that would be impossible for normal people. However, due to the nature of the Body Mage's magic and training, it is very difficult for them to learn magic of any other kind. As the link between body and magic grows, using magic outside of the body becomes less reliable.

Josiah smiled smugly to himself as the wizard's arcane magic scried him for weapons. As the wizard nodded for him to pass into the castle, Josiah could hardly keep himself from laughing. Weapons? He needed no weapons. He was the greatest weapon ever made. Prime Stats: Constitution, Intuition, Self Discipline

Body Mage Spell Lists

The Body Mage has four Base Lists. For a higher development point cost, he may also develop Open and Closed spell Mentalism. Channeling-using Body Mages are rare.

  • Bone Mastery: spells altering the caster's bone structure for combat purposes.
  • Muscle Mastery: spells altering the caster's muscular structure for various purposes.
  • Body Mastery: spells that give the mage complete control over various aspects of his body's functions.
  • Superhuman Ways: spells that allow the mage to perform otherwise impossible feats.
Profession Bonuses
Body Development+10Self Control+10
Awareness*Senses+5Power Awareness+5
Weapon Group+5
Skills and Skill Categories
Armor*Medium7/7/7Power Awareness2/4
Artistic*Active2/5Power Manipulation3/9
Artistic*Passive2/5Power Point Develop.5
Athletic*Endurance1/3 Science*Specialized6/14
Athletic*Gymnastic1/3Self Control3/6
Awareness*Perception3/9Special Attacks10
Awareness*Searching2/6Special Defenses25
Body Development3/8Subterfuge*Mechanics7
Combat Maneuvers4/10Subterfuge*Stealth2/7
Communications3/3/3 Technical*General4/7
Directed Spells10 Technical*Vocational5/12
Lore*General1/3Weapon Category 14
Lore*Magical2/5 Weapon Category 26
Lore*Obscure2/5Weapon Category 36
Lore*Technical3/7Weapon Category 48
Martial Arts*Strikes3Weapon Category 510
Martial Arts*Sweeps3 Weapon Category 612
Weapon Category 715
Everyman Skills: none.
Occupational Skills: First Aid (due to the amount of damage that the Body Mage's spells can inflict on their own bodies).
Restricted Skills: none.

Spell Development
Base list (all).4/4/4Closed list (1-5)18/18
Open list (1-10)12/12Closed list (6-10)21
Open list (11-15)15Closed list (11-15)28
Open list (16-20)20 Closed list (16-20)45
Open list (21+)30 Closed list (21+)70
Training Packages
Amateur Mage+30Knight37
Animal Friend29Loremaster23
Berserker32 Martial Artist+32
City Guard29 Merchant*30
Cloistered Academic37 Necromancer36
Con Man*25Performer28
Crafter35 Runemaster36
Crusading Academic32 Sailor22
Cut Purse28 Scout26
Detective28Shaman Priest33
Famulus22 Wanderer29
Herbalist23Weapon Master45
Highwayman22 Zealot*32
+: Typical *: Not normally allowed

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