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Middle Earth CCG World Championships 2001

Information collated by Nigel Buckle

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

This is a player organised/run event and scheduled for Friday 24th to Sunday 26th of August in Atwater Library, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Full details and a registration form are available on-line at:


Currently there are three full days of events arranged:

  • Day One--Friday, August 24 (10 to 5): Registration; Open Qualifier for Worlds
    Sealed for those pre-qualified for semis
  • Evening One: Middle-Earth, The Drinking Game at an as-yet unspecified location.
  • Day Two--Saturday, August 25 (10 to 5): Semi-Finals for Worlds
    Lords of Middle-Earth scenario for those not participating in the Semi-Finals. You must submit a list of your preferences with your registration.
  • Evening Two: Dinner at the Auberge Dragon Rouge (cash only! This is a small restaurant modelled on a medieval inn. You sit at long tables, are served beer from cauldrons, deal with waiters wearing costumes, and are free to make quite a ruckus. It's an experience that can't be beat! Space is limited to 30 guests).
  • Day Three: Sunday, August 26 (1 to 6): Worlds Finals
    Country Cup using
    Duo Quad rules for those who are not participating in the Finals
    North American Championships (Open) qualify for next year's Worlds!
  • Evening Three: Awards and fond farewells at an as-yet undetermined bar/restaurant

Note on North American Championships

Chad Martin, head of the Council of Lorien is organizing the 2001 North American Championships in parallel with the World Championships. Earn your spot at Worlds in 2002! There will be an open qualifier on Sunday, August 26, and the finals the next day, on Monday, August 27. So, if you're making your travel plans, be sure to keep an extra day available! Contact Chad for more information.

The North American Championships will consist of an Open, and a Final round. The top four finishers of the Open will advance to the finals. Anybody who resides in North America is allowed to compete in the Open. The Finals will be a round robin tournament. Both the Open and the Finals are constructed 2 deck general opponent tournaments. The Open will be held on Sunday, August 26th. The Finals will be held afterwards, and a time and place to be determined by the participants. Prizes will be provided.


Other sites of interest include:

The Council of Elrond the co-ordinating body for MECCG (fan run).

Chris Cable's Trade Page an excellent trade page to help you complete your collection.

The Dutch Council an excellent site, with on-line rules, card spoilers etc.

The Lair of the Morgul Rats a web site listing tournament scenarios, and other MECCG related items.


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