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New Weapon Combat Tables
The Footman's Mace

Copyright Norman Schaschke and Raymond Ward ©2001

Edited by Rich Kirkland for The Guild Companion

The Flail table in Arms Law is known as the Military Flail in this expanded list of weapons. The military flail is the standard size flail and to round out the flails, there are tables for a smaller and larger version of it. The larger flail is called the great flail and the smaller flail is this weapon known as the horseman's flail.

Please note that the non-standard statistics found on the combat table are explained in the article titled "Rolemaster Weapon Attributes" from the November, 1999, issue of the Guild Companion and additional clarification of Speed can be found in "Continuous Tactical Resolution" from the March, 1999, issue of the Guild Companion.


The horseman's flail is employed by knights on horseback. It is used one handed, and though it may be employed from horseback quite successfully, it is probably best used off a horse and in conjunction with a shield. It is not the preferred weapon of knights but knights employed this weapon in situations where they feared they might blunt their precious longswords.

The flail heads are quite light (relative to the other flails) and therefore do not have great penetrating or damaging power against armour. Against unarmoured opponents it is very effective. As with other flails, it can strike around shields and parrying weapons. The horseman's flail is rather fast and is the most useful flail for parrying as the opponent's weapon becomes caught up amongst its chains. While not precise in its attack, with its multiple heads it was more likely that a fighter using it would find a weak point in the opponent's armour or strike a critical point on the opponent.

Click here to see the Horseman's Flail Weapon Chart.

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