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Amberdale 2: One Orc, Two Orc, Red Orc, Blue Orc

Press Release

Press Release: PDabble Games releases Amberdale 2: One Orc, Two Orc, Red Orc, Blue Orc

October 21, 2001 Middlebury, CT: PDabble Games announced today that it has released Amberdale 2: One Orc, Two Orc, Red Orc, Blue Orc, a role-playing adventure module that can be used alone, or as the second part of the three-part Amberdale Series. Currently available from their web site, Amberdale 2 is designed for 2nd-3rd level characters, and is electronically published in PDF format, under the Open Game and d20 Licenses.

Amberdale 2: One Orc, Two Orc, Red Orc, Blue Orc is part forest adventure, part dungeon crawl, and a pinch of mystery. Players will find everything an adventuring party could want, including challenging encounters, magic items, treasure, interesting monsters, colorful NPCs, and of course plenty of orcs. Gamemasters will find the wonderful art, clear and detailed maps, and the item cards particularly helpful. Other d20 developers will love the clearly identifiable Open Game Content.

PDabble Games also announces that it has reduced the price of Amberdale 1: Something Askew in Amberdale from $4.95 to $2.95, and has sent complementary copies of Amberdale 2 to those who have purchased Amberdale 1 at the original price. Amberdale 2 is also priced at $2.95. A sample adventure, Amberdale 0: An Introduction to Amberdale, the prelude to the Amberdale Series, is also available from PDabble Games. See for more information.

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