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Online Sealed Deck Tournament for MECCG at CyberCon

Copyright John France ©2001

Edited by Nigel Buckle for The Guild Companion

At CyberCon, I am running a sealed deck tournament for MECCG using the NetMECCG software, please note the software will not play the game for you – you need to know the rules for MECCG to use NetMECCG.

What is CyberCon

CyberCon is a totally on-line gaming convention and will be held on October 19th to 21st 2001. This means you don't have to worry about accommodation costs or transport fees you only have to go as far as your PC. This con has all the same types of events that you would expect at a physical gaming convention such as games, contests, tournaments, games manufacturers & distributors booths, and seminars with designers, writers and artists but with a lot more such as on-line chat rooms. The schedule is still being updated but already confirmed attending is Tracy Hickman (of Dragonlance fame) and Elaine Cunningham (of Forgotten Realms fame). The RPGA are running a sanctioned tournament throughout the whole con. There are lots of other RPG tournaments being played and these are traditional pen and pencil RPGs such as GURPS, D&D3E, etc. that use software such as WebRPG, GRiP, OpenRPG and RPGWorlds which create a virtual tabletop for play. WebRPG is normally a subscription service but is available free for the duration of CyberCon to anyone signing up. The site contains a link for the software needed for each game which you have to install and ensure it is running  before your game starts. I went to the first CyberCon in June and it was amazing. When you pay your registration fee, you are provided with a unique MyCon page. This page contains links and schedules for everything you have signed up for. The entry fee that provides access to all games and events will be $6.95 (USD). Pre-registering and GM sanctioning is currently Underway so check out Cybercon at :-

What is NetMECCG

NetMECCG is the excellent software by Michael Collins which creates a virtual tabletop allowing two players to play the Middle Earth CCG on-line. Chad Martin reviewed this software in the April 2000 edition of the Guild Companion. You will need this software to play in the sealed deck tournament at CyberCon. There is a link to the software from the site.

Using the sealed deck generator included with NetMECCG players will select:

1x Wizards starter deck

2x Wizards boosters

2x Dragons boosters

1x Dark Minions booster

Players will then have 30 minutes to create the deck that they will use for the whole tournament. All sites will be used.

Each game will last for 1 hour 20 minutes and will be played over days 1 & 2 of CyberCon. On day 3, the four highest placed players from days 1 & 2 will face off for final standings. Those players not involved in the final of day 3 will have another tournament the format of which will be decided on the day. For full details go to the CyberCon site above and under games follow the link to MECCG tournament. To sign up for the event go to the CCG schedule. If you have never played NetMECCG before this is an excellent way to get started.

CyberCon has given the NetMECCG tournaments full prize support. This means that winners will have access to the Prize Pool. This is made up of items donated by manufacturers and artists etc. who are attending the event. This could be signed prints, new product or vouchers for on-line gaming stores etc., to see what is currently available check out the link to the prize pool.

If you are interested in on-line CCGs, there will also be a tournament for Magic:the Gathering. At the end of the MECCG page there are also links to other on-line CCGs. You should also check out the CCG Workshop link, which contains the GatLing Engine software. This is a generic program designed for use with virtually any CCG system. You will be surprised how many old favourites have been converted to this format.

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