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New Weapon Combat Tables
The Foil

Copyright Norman Schaschke and Raymond Ward ©2001

Edited by Rich Kirkland for The Guild Companion

Flails come in a variety of sizes and three basic configurations. There is the chain with a metal ball at the end (ball and chain, morning star), the ones with multiple heads (horseman's flail, military flail, great flail) and then there is the footman's flail.

Note that the "Flail" table from Arms Law becomes the Military Flail table in this expanded list of weapons. The picture on the Flail table was that of a military flail in the older editions of Arms Law which were around when these additional tables were first put together. Unfortunately the picture associated with the Flail table in the more recent editions of Arms Law is actually this weapon, the footman's flail.

Please note that the non-standard statistics found on the combat table are explained in the article titled "Rolemaster Weapon Attributes" from the November, 1999, issue of the Guild Companion and additional clarification of Speed can be found in "Continuous Tactical Resolution" from the March, 1999, issue of the Guild Companion.


The footman's flail is a peasant weapon. The tool it comes from is used to thresh wheat. However with its long reach and the added striking power flails provide it was quite successful when converted to use as a weapon. Its reach allowed the footsoldier to compete more evenly with fighters on horseback and additionally the great force generated in the strike could unhorse an opponent. This flail consists of a shaft of hardwood of some 5 feet long joined by a few links of chain to another shaft of some 2 feet long. The shorter shaft is the striking end and is enhanced with spikes, studs and iron banding.

Click here to see the Footman's Flail Weapon Chart.

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