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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
So what happened in August to the Guild Companion, Nicholas?


A Training Session - The Roach
Some people have to learn the hard way


A Sample Fallen Wizard Deck - Nigel Buckle
A tournament-level MECCG Fallen Wizard deck with explanations of its construction and how to use it effectively

MIDDLE-EARTH: THE WHITE HAND GUIDE Part 2 - Pierre Jonas Castillo
The second part of this strategy guide encompasses general stage resources, Fallen Wizard items and factions, and characters for this MECCG expansion


Bellakar 1490-1550 The SaphtÓn Order - Eric Dubourg
A glimpse into the conspiracies of the Shadow in Bellakar, a southern realm of Middle-Earth, at a time of crisis in the Third Age

Bellakar 1551-1554 The Secession War - Eric Dubourg
A glimpse into the great Secession War of Bellakar in Middle-Earth

Bellakar 1555-1559 Umbar Intervenes - Eric Dubourg
Umbar's Council of Captains exploit the Secession War in Bellakar for their own ends

Review: OTHER HANDS ISSUE 33/34: War! - Joe Mandala
The latest issue of Other Hands, the magazine for Middle-Earth, explored by our own Tolkien expert.


Review: Runebearer, Adventures in the world of Bostonia - Aaron Smalley
A new game system with its own distinctive setting - and it's free!


Andaras' Martial Arts - Cat Style - Helen Mazarakis
A martial arts style for Andaras' followers. Suitable for RMSS and RMFRP

Cat Aspects - Helen Mazarakis
A special spell list for Andaras' worshippers granting feline abilities to the caster. Suitable for RMSS and RMFRP

Cat Defender - Helen Mazarakis
A training package for the cultists of Andaras in Terry Amthor's Shadow World setting and the followers of other cat gods. Suitable for RMSS and RMFRP

Cat Movements - Helen Mazarakis
A special spell list for devotees of the cult of Andaras. Suitable for RMSS and RMFRP


Starfleet Academy - Brent Knorr
An unofficial set of Spacemaster training packages for cadets at Star Trek's Starfleet Academy

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