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Andaras Martial Art Styles

Copyright Helen Mazarakis ©2001

Edited by Rich Kirkland for The Guild Companion

Basic Style: Claws and Tail

Total Style Point Cost (30)

Strikes to degree 3: (With metal claws and an open-handed attack, attacks may be made on the Claw attack table at -20)

Sweeps to degree 2

Lesser Adrenal Defense

Weapon kata: Whip (see MAC, p. 44)

All-Around Attack: With his whip, the martial artist can make attacks against foes who have a positional modifier against him without changing his position. The OB is penalized by double the positional bonus of the opponent. (see MAC, p. 44)

Advanced Style: Tiger's Pounce

Total Style Point Cost (60)

Strikes to Degree 3

Sweeps to Degree 4; Special ability: Martial artist inflicts an extra unbalancing critical at one level less with every critical inflicted

Locking Holds to Degree 3

Greater Adrenal Defense

Extra sweeps attack at level 2 every round

+2 initiative bonus

Chi power: Leaping Strike. Martial artist make cover up to 30 feet by tumbling and rolling, and attack an opponent with no penalty to his OB. Requires a 20% preparation the previous round. (see MAC, p. 58)

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