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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Other Hands ceases publication as a print magazine

d20 System

Matrix Spell Casting - Tim Dugger
New rules and new dangers for spell-casting. Usable with the d20 System


MECCG World Championships 2001 - Chad Martin
A full tournament report on the MECCG event of last year

The Lure of the Ring, Part One - Pierre Jonas 'Pej' Castillo
Gandalf Took The Ring - a Fallen Wizard deck for MECCG

Press Release

Press Release: Corrupting Influence released for Warhammer FRP - Hogshead Publishing

Press Release: Guardians of Order launches creator-owned imprint: Magnum Opus - Guardians of Order

Press Release: Peter Buys GenCon - Peter Adkison

Press Release: ZOMBIES!!! Board Game rises from the dead - Twilight Creations


Review: Barbarian Adventures - Jamie 'Trotsky' Revell
The first Sartar Rising adventure book for Hero Wars

Review: GURPS Transhuman Space - Jamie 'Trotsky' Revell
Adventure on the high frontier of the solar system in this hard-sf GURPS setting

Review: Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Adventure Game - Joe Mandala
Is this introduction to role-playing in Middle-earth worth buying? Find out now

Review: The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game - Phillip Gladney
An in-depth look at the rules of Decipher's Middle-earth CCG including some playing hints


Elemental Conduits - Ross Henton
A new Arcane spell list for manipulating the elements. Usable with RM2.


RMSS vs RMFRP Part 18 - Professions - Brent Knorr
Our analysis considers the differences in the core professions of RMSS and RMFRP

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