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Corrupting Influence released for Warhammer FRP

Press Release



Warpstone, the independent magazine for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, is pleased to announce the release of Corrupting Influence: The Best of Warpstone Volume One.

Corrupting Influence gathers together the best articles, background, fiction and scenarios from issues 1-9 of Warpstone magazine. These early issues were originally published between 1996 and 1998, but are long sold-out and exchange hands for over twenty-five times their original price. "With such demand, we couldn't say no to requests to reprint the early material. With a few years' distance and the ever-increasing popularity of Warhammer FRP, it seemed an excellent time to revisit these issues," co-editor John Foody observed.

The Warpstone team has revised some of its earlier work. Co-editor John Keane said, "Some of the material from the early issues doesn't meet our high standards. It's understandable, as we were learning as we went along. Thus, we decided to commission some new art and to revamp some of the older articles." Keane is also the artist responsible for Corrupting Influence's excellent cover art, the first in colour for Warpstone.

Corrupting Influence contains a wide variety of articles to give new readers a flavour of what the magazine is about. Among these is the entire 'Templar' series, voted favourite article in Warpstone's Reader Poll, the controversial 'Fighting Chaos: Why Bother?' and WFRP author Graeme Davis's look at the jokes and secrets behind the artwork in Warhammer FRP. Many of the articles are usable with other Dark Fantasy RPGs.

Corrupting Influence is now available in all good game shops.


Corrupting Influence is released by Hogshead Publishing. For more information see For further information and details of how to order back issues or subscribe to Warpstone Magazine, check out the Warpstone website at; or contact the editors at

Warpstone is an independent magazine dedicated to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It is independently produced, and is not owned or approved by Games Workshop and all material remains unofficial. Warpstone #1 was released in 1996, with one hundred and fifty A5 copies. Since issue ten, it has been printed and distributed worldwide by Hogshead. The magazine is published three times a year, and Warpstone #19 is due out in August 2002.

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