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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
An open call for your articles plus the thorny issue of subscription charges


Facing Fallen Wizards - Nigel Buckle
How players using the Hero alignment can defeat Fallen Wizard decks


Review: A Sneak Peek at The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game Core Book - Joe Mandala
At last we see inside Decipher's new RPG for gaming in Middle-Earth

Review: Hive - Nigel Buckle
A two-player strategy game - whose hive will survive?


Haven - Ross Henton
Defensive wardings to secure religious sanctuaries and true believers against evil. A Monastic base spell list

Holy Knowledge - Ross Henton
Delve deep into the secrets of forbidden tomes with this Monastic spell list

Sanction - Ross Henton
With this spell list, the Monastic may bestow blessings on individuals serving his/her deity,

The Monastic - Ross Henton
A new spell-using variant profession for RM2


Choosing Skills - Eric Brad
How do you choose the right skills for your character in Rolemaster? Here's some tips for new RMSS and RMFRP GMs and players

Irregular Training - Tim Dugger
Rules to build training packages for RMSS and RMFRP

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