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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Dragonmeet 2002

d20 System

The Collector - Part Three - The Guild Companion, D. Andrew Ferguson, and Jarrett Sylvestre
A d20 System-Rolemaster campaign module in four parts. This issue: PCs will meet the Collector.


Minion - Auto-attack Deck - Nigel Buckle
A competitive Minion deck with a nasty hazard strategy for MECCG


RM Professions in MERP - Rolemaster Companion VII/Alchemy Companion - Anthony Almeida
The last instalment in our comprehensive look at the suitability of later RM2 Companion professions for Middle-Earth


Review: Friends & Foes and Sauron Expansions - Nigel Buckle
Reviews of the two expansions for The Lords of the Rings Boardgame


Fighting Styles - Jamie Le Rossignol
Two Weapon Combat versus Weapon and Shield - which option do smart fighters choose?


The Psychomancer - Daniele Apa
A brand-new Mentalism spell-using profession complete with spell lists and a critical strike table


Vehicle Manual House Rules - Mark D Carlson
New variant rules and options for Spacemaster: Privateers

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