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Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant


To the forty-sixth issue of The Guild Companion.

City of Archendurn

City of Archendurn continues to sell steadily at (see Many thanks to all who have already purchased this product. Please use the Guild Companion Modules forum if you have any feedback or questions on this module.

Dragonmeet 2002

Well, Dragonmeet 2002 (30th November) has now been and gone. I took the train down early on Saturday, arriving in good time to join the queue of gamers waiting on the doors opening. Fortunately for me, I was spotted by one of the convention staff and invited in early to set up my games - the value of having one's games publicised in the convention booklet!

The doors eventually opened and the gamers trickled in, clutching their freebie bags. Five hardy pirates, including Roger and Rea from the United States, joined me for a game of Run out the Guns! in the morning. Risking hurricanes, the brave, even foolhardy, crew of the good ship Bonaventure sailed to the small island of Bequia, south of St. Vincent. They easily retrieved the buried treasure of a fellow privateer, and having fended off an attack of cannibals, raced back to the ship which was being threatened by a Spanish warship. A combination of bad piloting and extreme good luck saw them to safety.

After catching some sandwiches, I wandered round the trade stands to see what was hot. Rolemaster and Spacemaster products were on sale - unfortunately none of ICE's latest releases were still available as my fellow gamers had already nabbed the copies! I contented myself with purchasing The Scaum Valley Gazetteer and The Kaiin Player's Guide sourcebooks for Pelgrane Press' Dying Earth RolePlaying Game.

Despite numerous other events happening at the convention such as seminars on the gaming industry, John Kovalic's "Dorkstock Europe" mini-convention, and the "Game in a Day" (build a complete RPG in twelve hours), the gaming tables were full.

Next up for me was my variant Spacemaster game which attracted a lot of interest and was temporarily overbooked. I ended up with five players willing to brave the perils of the Venusian jungles to rescue HRH the Prince of Wales from a crashed spaceship. En route to their knighthoods for services to King and Country, they battled serpentine monsters, deadly moulds, alien technology and a covert group of scientists and soldiers from the German Reich. Another group of satisfied players.

Afterwards I met up with John Seal, ICE's new owner and a very pleasant chap. We had a long chat about the state of the gaming world and possible futures for Rolemaster and Spacemaster.

Another great Dragonmeet.

Farewell (for now ...)

Best wishes to everyone for the upcoming holiday season - we'll be back in the New Year, but until then...

Keep gaming and have fun!
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion

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