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CoE Call for bids to host Worlds 2002

Press Release

The Council of Elrond is proud to announce the call for bids to host the 2002 MECCG World Championships. This will be the third year that you, the players, have taken up the reigns from ICE to organize this world class event. As previously determined, this and next year's Worlds will be held in Europe before it will return to North America for a year. Only European bids will be accepted.

I have provided some suggestions below that will help potential hosts with their bid submissions. Submissions will be accepted until Feb. 17th. Maximizing fun and participation are the key. Good luck on all bids.

The Venue:

  • Located in or extremely near a major international airport (within 1 hour by public transit).
  • A local council that will provide at least 15 of its own participants.
  • A local playgroup that can house at least 10 international participants within daily commute of the venue.
  • Inexpensive local accomodations.
  • Alternative tourist activities to make the trip part of a holiday. This is especially important for those who must bring along family members who don't want to stay in a stuffy gaming room all day.
  • A relaxed and clean venue that has relaxed time constraints and free or low rent. It should provide room for up to 60 people with alternatives for up to 25 more.
  • Have a venue available for The Drinking Game and a group dinner. This doesn't have to be the same night or place.
  • Finalize the details as early as possible (by March 15) so that employed and family type MECCG players can set their summer vacation plans accordingly

The Event:

  • Scheduled over a 3 day weekend (Fri-Sun) during summer (June to beginning of Sept.)
  • At least 2-3 dedicated persons to help with the organization of the event. It is not crucial to have one of these persons not play during the whole weekend.
  • Keep costs to a maximum of $25 U.S./Euro for entry fees.
  • Have a good supply of sealed deck product.
  • Make sure no one goes home empty-handed.
  • Enforce the 3 judge system (varied level of authority).
  • Abide by CoE endorsed rules and tournament system (Open qualifier, Semi-finals, and Finals).
  • Schedule several other side events for those who don't wish to play in the main event and for those who have been eliminated from the main event.
  • Provide a replica of The One Ring or other cool and unique prize for the winner.

Thank you for helping to keep MECCG alive,
Brian "No Cheeze" Wong
Council of Elrond Netrep
Proud member of The Guild of Crippled Masters

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