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AEG Announces d20 Spycraft and Shadowforce Archer Product Lines

Press Release


AEG proud to announce new d20 Spycraft and Shadowforce Archer game lines

This Spring, Alderac Entertainment Group will release the first of its "modern" d20 game lines, Spycraft, to be immediately followed by the release of the first world for the Spycraft mechanic set, Shadowforce Archer. Set against the backdrop of present day post-Cold War espionage, Spycraft features all-new d20 mechanics and team-based mission-oriented game play. Spycraft allows players to design and run games in the worlds of their favorite spy movies, books, or comics, or create their own settings. The core rulebook for the Spycraft line, the Spycraft Espionage Handbook, ships in late March.

The Spycraft Espionage Handbook features original classes and skills, and over 150 feats. The Handbook also includes new rules for character backgrounds and action dice. The new action dice mechanic brings cinematic aspects to the d20 system by modeling the explosive action of superspies fully for the first time.

The Spycraft Espionage Handbook also includes complete rules for modern roleplay. Self-contained d20 mechanics for firearms, tactical weapons, and "wire fu"-style martial arts let players to explore action of off-the-cuff battles in the espionage genre. Game Controls will be especially pleased with all-new systems for chases, criminal mastermind design, and NPC interaction. In short, the Spycraft Espionage Handbook is loaded to the gills with modern-day espionage action and intrigue.

In April 2002, AEG follows up with Spycraft's first official world setting, Shadowforce Archer. Dedicated to protecting the unsuspecting countries of the free world from threats they never see, the Archer Conspiracy has acted behind the scenes since 1950, and has roots in nearly every espionage organization across the globe. Armed with the most sophisticated gadgets their R&D department can devise, as well as the genetic disciplines of three psionics families, agents of the Archer Foundation and its allies square off against criminal organizations, madmen with their fingers on the button, and threats from inside the world's governments alike.

The Shadowforce Archer Worldbook features brand-new hyper-modern d20 prestige classes, all three psion base classes and the supporting feats and skills (powers) for each, as well as new mystic feats, rites and rituals, and mechanics for chemically-altered super-soldiers. If you've ever wanted to play a spy game that let you play all your favorite spy stories in one setting, this is the book for you! Set across the breadth of the 20th century, this thrilling new game world includes eight original factions for your agents to choose from, dozens of plot hooks, exotic locales, vibrant NPCs, devious threats, and a global conspiracy to save the world.... from itself.

The hyper-kinetic Shadowforce Archer world setting also includes an ongoing interactive storyline broken into episodes and seasons, just like your favorite TV show or comic book. A new episode will be released as a free Internet download with every Shadowforce Archer game product release, allowing players to impact the setting every few months and drawing every play group into the setting to tell one massive story. Visit the website ( for details about the first (prequel) episode, available soon!

Additional books for both Spycraft and Shadowforce Archer will begin to appear in June. The first releases for each game line after the launch are the Modern Arms and Equipment Guide (for Spycraft) and the Archer Foundation sourcebook (for Shadowforce Archer).

For more information, please visit You can also email, or call (909) 390-5444 .


Patrick Kapera
Line Developer Spycraft / Shadowforce Archer
Alderac Entertainment Group

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