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Sold Out!

Press Release

253 granby street norfolk, virginia 23510 - 1813
phone 757.623.3600 fax 757.623.3630
norfolk denver los angeles

2nd printing to commence in late January

Just two months after the debut of The Lord of the Rings TCG, Decipher has sold out of Premiere Set starter decks!

2nd printing of the Premiere Set starters will hit the shelves in late February. The "first printing" icon, designated by the number one, will be removed to distinguish the set as a subsequent printing.

With Premiere Set starter decks sold out, Decipher now plans an early release of the starter decks for the Mines of Moria, the first The Lord of the Rings TCG expansion set. The anticipated street date for Mines of Moria starter decks is now late February! (Booster packs will still be released in March, as planned.)

The Lord of the Rings TCG is already a worldwide phenomenon, so don't miss out on the celebrated Premiere Set: Go to your nearest retailer soon, and pick up Premiere Set starters while they are still available!

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