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New Weapon Combat Tables
The Horseman's Pick

Copyright Norman Schaschke and Raymond Ward ©2002

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

There are a number of weapons that start with the word "horseman's". These weapons could be used on horseback because they were smaller than the more common sized weapons used by foot soldiers on a battlefield. It was the knights who usually rode on horseback and tended to employ these weapons so the weapons also tended to be of a higher quality: they had metal shafts instead of wood, used steel instead of iron, were well balanced, looked more refined, etc.

The most notable weapons in this group are the horseman's flail, horseman's mace and this weapon, the horseman's pick.

Please note that the non-standard statistics found on the combat table are explained in the article titled "Rolemaster Weapon Attributes" from the November, 1999, issue of the Guild Companion and additional clarification of Speed can be found in "Continuous Tactical Resolution" from the March, 1999, issue of the Guild Companion.


This is a very simple weapon. It is a pick, and it is swung in order to puncture armour. It doesn't crush armour like a hammer or mace; it simply puts a hole in it. It is capable of penetrating any armour: it easily passes through leather armour and the links in chain armour, but does have some difficulty penetrating plate as it is not all that heavy a weapon. However, because it is relatively light, opponents not wearing armour don't really have much of an advantage over those wearing armour, as it is not all that easy to dodge.

This weapon has a great advantage in being able to hit and injure opponents easily. Its disadvantages are that the injuries it causes are rather minor in comparison to similar size weapons (so it is not much use against Large creatures) and it tends to stick in the armour that it penetrates.

Click here to see the Horseman's Pick Weapon Chart.

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