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UK Nationals 2001 Tournament Report

Copyright ©2002 Nigel Buckle

Edited by Nicholas HM Caldwell for The Guild Companion

MECCG UK Nationals 2001

On Saturday 15th December the four finalists gathered to play to determine who would be the UK National Champion for 2001. The players had placed as follows in the semi-finals a month previously:

1. Nigel (me) playing Minion

2. Tommo playing Minion
3. Callum playing Hero
4. Tim playing Minion (Balrog)

The final was decided on head-to-head play (player with the most wins takes the championship, ties would be decided by tournament points if necessary). Tommo and myself decided to change decks and build something new, Tim and Callum stuck with the decks that had got them to the finals (although they may have made some minor changes):

1st: Nigel, 3 wins, 16 points, playing Hero

2nd: Tim, 2 wins, 8 points, playing Minion (Balrog)

3rd: Tommo, 1 win, 7 points playing Hero

4th:Callum, 0 wins, 5 points playing Hero


Round One (tournament points):

Nigel (4) beat Callum (2)
Tim (4) beat Tommo (2)

Round Two (tournament points):

Nigel (6) beat Tim (0)
Tommo (5) beat Callum (1)

Round Three (tournament points):

Nigel (6) beat Tommo (0)
Tim (4) beat Callum (2)

All the games were close (despite the final point totals), often a crucial die roll or card draw turning the game. For example, in my last game I killed Hama who was bearing the only two items Tommo had, and the rest of the company were wounded. This forced Tommo to discard both Durin's Axe and Glamdring, so doubling my item points at the Council, and it was a poor roll (double one) that caused Hama to be wounded by a Cave Drake in the first place.

My winning deck will be published in the Guild Companion next month along with a guide on how I play it and some suggestions for improving it based on my experience at the Nationals.

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