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Part 5 - Overview of Remaining RMFRP Products

Copyright Brent Knorr ©2002

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

5500 Rolemaster Standard Rules


5523 RMSS Talent Law

5800 Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing


5806 RMFRP Character Law


5808 RMFRP School of Hard Knocks : The Skill Companion


Now we get into the more difficult comparisons.  If you take RMSS Standard Rules and RMSS Talent Law and compare them to Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying Hardcover, RMFRP Character Law, and RMFRP School of Hard Knocks The Skill Companion, you get basically the same material, with some changes. Noticeably, you end up with more detailed information on the Skills with the SOHK Skill Companion, and the Talents and Flaws from Talent Law got a fairly significant overhaul in Character Law, lots of rebalancing, shifting of points, etc. All the Talents were given a Lesser, Minor, Major, or Greater classification so they could be used with the basic talents/flaws system.

Future articles in this series will examine the differences in Talents & Flaws, Skills, Professions, Races and Training Packages in detail.

My recommendation for those who have the RMSS rulebook and Talent Law is to try and purchase Character Law, although you will be able to get by without it once this series of articles is done, but it is worth picking up if you can.

The Skill Companion has some very good example difficulties for all the skills, and a section on Healing that is great to have, but if you have the RMSS Rulebook, I would have to say this one is not a necessity, although out of all the RMFRP books, it has the most new material.

A detailed review off the Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplaying Hardcover can be found in the: August 1999 issue of The Guild Companion
and a detailed review of RMFRP Character Law can be found in the:  February 2000 issue of The Guild Companion

The next set of articles will deal with Talents and Flaws in detail. This will be followed by an examination of differences in Skills, Professions, Races and Training Packages between RMSS and RMFRP.

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