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The Banewarrens now on sale from Malhavoc Press!

Press Release


CONTACT: Sue Weinlein Cook
Malhavoc Press

New Monte Cook Mega-Adventure Available as a PDF

June 13, 2002 (Renton, Wash.)-Fans of Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil won't want to miss a trip into The Banewarrens, the new mega-adventure by Monte Cook. Combining dynamic plot elements with a good old-fashioned dungeon crawl, this new d20 adventure takes characters from 6th to 10th level.

Malhavoc Press is proud to offer the electronic version of this adventure from the codesigner of 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons(r) for just $10. The Banewarrens is the first title to feature Malhavoc's new layout style, which minimizes file size for faster downloading and conserves ink for quicker printing. The 128+ page adventure boasts a 16-page illustration gallery of DM aids featuring the artwork of Alan Pollack, Quinton Hoover, Arne Swekel, Lars Grant-West, and Toren Atkinson.

The Banewarrens leads characters into ancient vaults filled with "banes": objects and creatures of timeless evil, placed there for "safekeeping" in another age by a powerful saint. But these warrens are more than just rooms of evil creatures to bash. Characters must race against evil adventurers who seek the banes for their own purposes. With every action, they risk loosing more malevolent forces upon an unsuspecting world. Some may claim to be their allies but, in the end, amid this deadly labyrinth both figurative and literal -- who can they really trust?

Throughout the adventure, readers will discover new monsters and magic, poisons and diseases, and dozens of foul banes like the phylactery of forsaken souls. All these items and creatures are ready-made to drop into your campaign or use in this adventure. Fans can sample previews of the art and the banes themselves free at Malhavoc's website: .

Monte launched Malhavoc Press in May 2001 with the publication of the first Book of Eldritch Might, which last summer won three EN World d20 System Awards for excellence, voted on by the fans. Hallmarks of Malhavoc Press and Monte's game design include unusual magic, monsters, and evocative game elements that go beyond traditional fantasy, as well as a mastery of the d20 System rules that only one of the game's original designers can offer. All current Malhavoc Press titles are available in electronic format at . Print versions are published by Sword & Sorcery.

Monte Cook started professionally in the game industry in 1988. In the employ of Iron Crown Enterprises he worked on the Rolemaster and Champions games as an editor, developer, and designer. In 1994 Monte came to TSR as a game designer. As a senior game designer with Wizards of the Coast, he cocreated the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons (the basis of the d20 System) and authored the Dungeon Master's Guide, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, and a d20 version of Call of Cthulhu. For WizKids Games, he recently designed the HeroClix system of superhero combat. A graduate of the Clarion West writer's workshop, Monte has also published short stories and two novels. To read more biographical information or to sample his recent d20 System work, visit .

(c)2002 Monte J. Cook. Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon Master, and Wizards of the Coast are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. Sword & Sorcery is a trademark of White Wolf Publishing. Champions and Rolemaster are registered trademarks of Iron Crown Enterprises. HeroClix is a trademark of WizKids Games. Malhavoc and Eldritch Might are trademarks of Monte J. Cook.

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