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Decipher Seeks Product Champions

Press Release

253 granby street • norfolk, virginia 23510 - 1813
phone • 757.623.3600 • fax 757.623.3630
norfolk • denver • los angeles

Decipher is seeking future Product Champions (Decipher's volunteer Corps) for Decipher's upcoming July release for The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game.

Decipher's RPG Product Champion program is close to being complete so we are in search of experienced RPG players who wish to increase their connection to Decipher and our games by becoming an official representative of the game. The Lord of the Rings RPG program is truly very special to us, and we are looking only for the most dedicated and knowledgeable Product Champions to promote our new RPGs in their communities. We expect that all of our Lord of the Rings RPG Product Champions will have a history of experienced gameplay that may include running RPG tracks at conventions, and organizing demos and game events for retailers  as well as have established good working relationships with their local retailers. We will expect our RPG Product Champions to actively promote Decipher's RPG family of products on a regular basis. Once chosen, Decipher's RPG Product Champions will share the benefits of free product, promo material, inside information, etc.

  For more information please contact Decipher's Product Champion Coordinator, Kevin Reitzel at: / (757) 664-1140

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