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Official ICE Forums

Press Release


CONTACT: Bruce Neidlinger, CEO
Iron Crown Enterprises
112 Goodman St.  Charlottesville, VA 22902
phone: 434.244.0881  fax: 434.244.2661

May 6, 2002 - The Official ICE Forum was launched over a month ago in direct response to fan requests, and has become the central online community for ICE gamers and fans around the world. Available online 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and open to everyone, the Official ICE Forum is a central meeting place where folks post and read messages, share ideas, ask questions about and find answers to anything related to ICE and our games.

  To take part in the Official ICE Forums all you need to do is fire up your internet connection, go to the ICE homepage at and click on the big "Official ICE Forum" button located at the top of the page. It can also be reached from the "Forums & Mailing Lists" page at

    The Official ICE Forum is a highly-interactive community that's actively shaped and developed by the people who use it. To date, the Official ICE Forum contains multiple sub-forums ranging from "Gamers Seeking Gamers" where players go to find other players in their area, to "The Bizarre Bizarre" where players post stories about the most unique magic items they've created or used in their Rolemaster adventures. Also included are forums for Official ICE Announcements & Press Releases, forums where fans post rules questions, and even a forum for "Off-Topic" introductions and musings.

    The Official ICE Forum, also referred to as an online message board or bulletin board was created by a fan and good friend of ICE, Tim Dugger using a freeware product called Snitz Forums 2000. More information on the software can be found at the developers' website:


  Originally founded in 1980, Iron Crown Enterprises produced and sold worldwide a variety of highly-successful original fantasy and science fiction role playing and table-top games. In December 2001 Aurigas Aldebaron, LLC purchased the corporate assets and licensed Mjolnir LLC dba Iron Crown Enterprises to continue the tradition of creating highly sought-after adventure games. ICE's current game lines includes Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing, Spacemaster Science Fiction RPG, Shadow World RPG, Silent Death table-top miniatures game, and Run Out the Guns! Adventure game.

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