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Rogue Cthulhu Rave at Origins

Press Release


Rogue Needs Women! Come on ladies, get that body out on the dance floor. At this year's Origins, Rogue Cthulhu is throwing you a midnight rave that's gonna stop the clock. Thursday night (11pm, room D235, event #3004 "And Then There Was One") the Columbus Convention Center is gonna be thumpin' to the sound of DJ silent E spinning the mix for your dancing pleasure. There will be several door prizes awarded, including a free gift for every female body that shakes it on the big floor. Come experience the first (and possibly last!) Dance Party/LARP event ever hosted at the Origins Gaming Convention. Visit for more details.


The Origins pre-registration book is chock-full of errors (as always), some big and some small. You can find all the updated info you need to have a great time with Rogue Cthulhu by visiting the errata page on our web site at . Remember to always visit our web site for the most accurate and up to date info on Rogue events.


This year at the Origins Gaming Convention, Rogue Cthulhu will unveil a new program that will put all other meaningless point award schemes to shame. Imagine getting instant rewards for exceptional role-playing that you can turn into FABULOUS PRIZES!!! No more hollow platitudes, egocentric titles or buckets full of umpteengazillion imaginary I'm-better-than-you points that go nowhere and do nothing. Now, for the first time in recent memory, Rogue Cthulhu gives you Awards that Reward. Players in Rogue events, this year and ever onward, will receive instant on the spot awards of Rogue Points for outstanding role playing, flashes of brilliance, or just because we like the color of your shirt. The sky is the limit on what you can do with these little beauties once they are in your hands. You can drill a hole through them and wear them like jewelry, take them home and use them to level that wobbly end-stand, or re-tile you bathroom floor with them. You can even grind them into a fine powder and sprinkle them like fairy dust to ward off evil spirits while you sleep. But you'll probably want to save them up and cash them in at the Rogue Prize Booth for a variety of gaming delights that can be yours for the taking. A sneak peek at the prize table will soon be available on our web page at . Rogue Points are only available by playing in Rogue Cthulhu gaming events, so sign up today!

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