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New Shadow World Products for Rolemaster RPG

Press Release


CONTACT: Bruce Neidlinger, CEO
Iron Crown Enterprises
112 Goodman St.  Charlottesville, VA 22902
phone: 434.244.0881  fax: 434.244.2661

May 2, 2002: ICE is excited to announce it's publishing all-new and original Shadow World products for its Rolemaster fantasy role playing game. Shadow World is one of ICE's oldest and most admired campaign settings, and now players all over the world will be able to adventure in the mysterious and powerful land of Kulthea armed with all new sourcebooks!

  In a new deal with Terry K. Amthor, Shadow World's original creator, ICE will be publishing several new titles over the next few years. Scheduled for 2002 are the 256-page Shadow World Master Atlas to be released Sept. 2002, and the 128-page Haestra: Emer I to be released Nov 2002. Scheduled for 2003 release are 4 new titles: Citybook: Haalkitaine,  Emer II: the Northeast, Powers of Light & Darkness, and Artifact & Lost Technology.

  Detailing the classic world of Kulthea, the Shadow World Master Atlas provides material on everything from the flora and fauna of the world to an updated timeline and new color map. Haestra: Emer I is an exciting new sourcebook providing in-depth information about the cultures, kingdoms and powers of Emer, the pre-eminent land of Kulthea.

  A planet hanging on the threshold between Order and Chaos, the Shadow World is a focus of strange powers and portals to alien dimensions. This is a world where sorcery clashes with ancient technology, impulsive and unpredictable deities make war, and the Dragonlords walk as men. Against them all rises the Unlife, a force whose dark servants seek the destruction of all that lives...


Originally founded in 1980, Iron Crown Enterprises produced and sold worldwide a variety of highly-successful original fantasy and science fiction role playing and table-top games. In December 2001 Aurigas Aldebaron, LLC purchased the corporate assets and licensed Mjolnir LLC dba Iron Crown Enterprises to continue the tradition of creating highly sought-after adventure games. ICE's current game lines includes Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing, Spacemaster Science Fiction RPG, Shadow World RPG, Silent Death table-top miniatures game, and Run Out the Guns! Adventure game.

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