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ICE Issues License to The Guild Companion for Rolemaster and Spacemaster d20 Products

Press Release


CONTACT: Bruce Neidlinger, CEO
Iron Crown Enterprises
112 Goodman St.  Charlottesville, VA 22902
phone: 434.244.0881  fax: 434.244.2661

May 27, 2002: Iron Crown Enterprises has issued a non-exclusive license to The Guild Companion ( to create new RPG products based on ICE's popular Rolemaster and Spacemaster RPG systems. These new products will also be fully compatible with the d20 System and be published under the Open Gaming License.

  The Guild Companion will produce hybrid d20 System-Rolemaster and d20 System-Spacemaster products as electronic books available online as PDF downloads. They have plans to create adventure, campaign, and setting modules in the first year, and will later develop other types of sourcebooks. The first two products planned for release as electronic books are:

  •   City of Archendurn - a setting module to launch the Aernth World product line. This is a low to medium-powered fantasy setting, suitable for realistic campaigns. In addition to detailing an entire city, this module includes a host of key NPCs (with complete Rolemaster and d20 System statistics) and a series of scenario hooks to get a great campaign underway. City of Archendurn will be followed by ready-to-run adventures and setting modules.
  • The Collector - the first in a trilogy of campaign modules set in the high-powered fantasy world of Golandra. The epic storyline will be continued in the sequels The Rightful Heir and The Return of the Collector. The Guild Companion intends to further support the Golandra World product line by publishing freely available spin-off scenarios in upcoming ezine issues.


Nicholas Caldwell, editor-in-chief of The Guild Companion, said: "We're really excited by the opportunities made possible by this license. Rolemaster and Spacemaster are truly excellent RPGs, which we're proud to have supported over the past four years through our ezine. This new license allows us to take that support to the next level by providing the source material in terms of new worlds and settings that Rolemaster and Spacemaster fans have been asking to have for years. By making our products fully compatible with the d20 System as well, we'll have the widest possible audience and give d20 players and GMs a whole new perspective on gaming."


Originally founded in 1980, Iron Crown Enterprises produced and sold worldwide a variety of highly-successful original fantasy and science fiction role playing and table-top games. In December 2001 Aurigas Aldebaron, LLC purchased the corporate assets and licensed Mjolnir LLC dba Iron Crown Enterprises to continue the tradition of creating highly sought-after adventure games. ICE's current game lines includes Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing, Spacemaster Science Fiction RPG, Shadow World RPG, Silent Death table-top miniatures game, and Run Out the Guns! Adventure game.


The Guild Companion is an independent and free monthly online webzine located at Established in December 1998, it is the successor to a series of short-lived and/or infrequently published paper magazines. Its editorial and technical staff include many erstwhile freelance authors and playtesters for ICE's product lines. Its primary content focus is on ICE product lines as well as industry news, gaming reviews, fiction, and d20 System articles.  Over 5,000 gamers view The Guild Companion each month.

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