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The End RPG is here!

Press Release

(Wauwatosa, WI, May 28, 2002)- The End is here...and it looks beautiful. Tyranny Games is pleased to report that The End: Lost Souls Edition (d20) is complete and is on its way to distributors. The book itself turned out gorgeous. We know you will be impressed. The black faux leather gold foil stamped and embossed cover is sure to please! Although we are unable to give a firm release date, we expect The End to be available as soon as distributors can ship it. Please contact your local store and order now as the deluxe faux leather cover version of The End is a limited edition ($29.99 retail). Also, watch the signs for our upcoming The End product line releases: The Boston Massacre (June), The Dogs of War: The Washington D.C. Sourcebook (August), Salvation^s Tears (August), and The Dark Arts (October).

Scavenge the old world or build a new empire! Establish a new colony or join those seeking to destroy man forever! Embrace the magic of the Savage Gods or preach the Word. The possibilities are, well, endless! Survive The End or rule it. Your choice...just like Before.

The original The End was known for its groundbreaking role as the first post-apocalypse role-playing game based on the Book of Revelations. It received critical acclaim for its bleak setting and creative background material. The End promises to challenge the d20 system conventions with 300+ faux leather bound pages of realistic injury effects, achievement-base experience, and a single starting class: the Meek. The class levels for the Meek reflect experience gained through surviving and overcoming the horrors and madness posed by the world after the biblical apocalypse. Please visit The End^s portion of the Tyranny Games website ( and check out our preview art, message board, and fiction over the next few months. Tyranny Games will be posting passages from the new source material and other interesting notes. The End is scheduled for a late March release. Order the limited edition from your local retailer now!

Tyranny Games is the owner of the license for the fantasy role-playing game Of Gods & Men and the new tabletop "boardless" board game- Sack Armies: Expeditionary Force. Tyranny Games is also anticipating the release of its newest "boardless" board game- COLONIZATION!

Tyranny Games can be contacted via email at Tyranny Games invites you to visit its website at Tyranny Games mailing address is 804 Robertson Street, Wauwatosa, WI 53213.

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