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RoleMaster Sheets

Copyright Kjell Roll Elgsaas ©2001, 2002

Edited by Peter Mork for The Guild Companion

Rolemaster sheets by Kjell Roll Elgsaas
Part 1
* Player Character sheet
* Character education sheet
* Character background sheet
* Character attitudes/tags sheet

Comments to the Player Character sheet:
* Appearance: Ap is listed with the 10 stats. RMFRP states that the Ap generated for a PC is his potential Ap. Temporary Ap would be adjusted by the GM due to injuries, lack of hygene, etc. A GM might want to use the Ap stat bonus in certain situations, e.g. using influence skills.

* Smoothed Encumbrance penalty: This simple formula replaces the standard table, which yields penalties increasing by steps of 8.

* "AT MMP" is the maneuver in armor skill bonus.

* The "mod. to MM difficulty" rule is from School of Hard Knocks: the Skill Companion (p. 14).

* BMR table: Time = maximum time until all exhaustion points are spent. Distance = the distance covered during this time.

* Smoothed Stride modifier: A formula calculated by a friend of mine and myself. This calculation is done once in a PC's life, so why not do it smoothed?

* Blank RR: For any optional rules you might use.

* RR versus Fear as a skill (sort of): Adapted from RM Companion I (pp. 18 & 90). A Race bonus here is up to the GM. "Times encountered" equals the skill rank. I suggest using the combined skill rank progression for these "skills".

* Greaves: A checked box indicates a functional greave.

* Empty lines for AT, greaves, helmet and shield: For description of the items, bonuses, etc. The empty circle is for the AT number.

* DB table: I only give shield bonus versus front attacks and attacks from the flank on which the shield is held. Feel free to ignore this rule.

* Weapon speed: See the 1999 Guildcompanion articles by Ray Ward.

* Initiative speed = the actual number added to the initiative roll for this particular attack.

* Range/range modifier: Only applicable for attacks with a range, of course.

Comments to the Character education sheet * This sheet is for details regarding a character's education, i.e. his skills, languages, training packages, talents, spell lists, hobbies, etc. Any character becomes more interesting if there is a developed micro-story behind at least some of his skills.

Comments to the Character background sheet & Character attitudes/tags sheet: * These are two sheets to give players' imaginations a boost and focus. The open space on the BG sheet is for a portrait, personal crest, coat-of-arms, etc.

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