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Words from the Wise (Guys)

An Editorial Rant


To the fortieth issue of The Guild Companion.

Rumour Control

At the end of May, "news" broke on a d20 site concerning our license from ICE to create and publish d20 System -Rolemaster and d20 System-Spacemaster products. Unfortunately the "news" was heavily garbled - apparently we were supposed to be making a d20 version of the Rolemaster world, and that we used to produce a fanzine for Rolemaster. Obviously somebody did not realise that Rolemaster is a system, not a setting, and we're clearly still producing an ezine.

Naturally some Rolemaster fans realized that the "news" had been garbled, and so they tried to guess what the original meaning had been. Their guess was that we were licensed to produce a d20 version of Shadow World, as it is the official Rolemaster setting. No, we're not licensed to commercially produce a d20 System incarnation of Shadow World.

Fortunately, we (Bruce and Monica at ICE and myself) were already planning a proper press release on the subject of our license to use Rolemaster and Spacemaster in hybrid modules. So hopefully the rumors can be finally crushed - we have a license to use Rolemaster and Spacemaster in conjunction with the d20 System to create dual-statted original adventure, campaign, and setting modules. And you can read the press release in this month's issue.

Of course, regular readers of these editorials already knew the truth ...

d20 System Articles on Shadow World?

I noted above that we're not licensed to commercially produce a d20 System version of Shadow World. However, we will consider publishing d20 System articles concerning Shadow World within magazine issues.

There are some caveats.

Unlike our normal d20 System articles, which are usually wholly open gaming content, SW-d20 articles will have substantial closed content (and "Product Identity") in order to protect the unique intellectual property of Shadow World. Such articles will also have to receive the approval of Terry Amthor and ICE on a case-by-case basis.

So if you are willing to abide by these restrictions, and are interested in submitting some d20 System material for Shadow World, drop me an email.

Module Progress Report

Last month, I detailed our progress on the Guild Companion's first two upcoming d20 System-Rolemaster hybrid modules, and promised an update this month.

I am pleased to report that City of Archendurn (by Aaron Smalley) now has complete Rolemaster and d20 System statistics for all the NPCs included. I am expecting the final version to appear in my inbox very shortly, whereupon I'll have the tedious, but necessary, task of license compliance checking.

Paolo Angelini has also completed his final layout pass of The Collector (by D. Andrew Ferguson and Jarrett Sylvestre). Joel Lovell is now hard at work developing a suitable front cover for The Collector.

We're also well on the way to having our own ecommerce server on this site to handle sale and delivery of the modules.

So far, everything is proceeding according to our plan ...

Catching Up

As you can see from this month's table of contents, I did manage two of my three promised reviews. (My "Run out the Guns!" scenario can be expected next month.) Barely was last month's issue up and running, when word came back from Steve Jackson Games concerning GURPS Age of Napoleon.

The good news is that the Powers That Be at Steve Jackson Games liked the new version. Of course, they have thought of some more changes to make it even better ...and the playtesters over on the Pyramid boards have come up with more as well.

As last time around, my to-do list is very varied, and includes explaining the echelon cavalry attack maneuver, the firepower of American frigates during the War of 1812, a chess-playing automaton, and the life and loves of Madame de Stael, among other things. So if I occasionally start babbling about these or other exotic Napoleonic subjects on our discussion boards, don't panic!

Farewell (for now ...)

Time to start pruning down this to-do list while you enjoy this month's articles. Our next issue will be published in July 2002, but until then,

Keep gaming and have fun!
Nicholas HM Caldwell
General Editor for The Guild Companion

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