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Reviewed by Nigel Buckle ©2002

Edited by Suzanne Campbell for The Guild Companion


Knights is a card/dice game in which players attempt to capture cards to win. Players may win by capturing four castles, capturing three castles and defeating the King, or by capturing two castles and winning three tournaments. 

Each card displays a dice combination that must be beaten to win the card. Dice are rolled several times with the player saving the best dice, removing any sixes, and re-rolling others to try for a better score. Usually players attempt to win cards from the deck, which is split into two piles with the top card of each pile revealed. Players can also attack each other, taking their opponents cards instead of from the piles. 

The special cards add a lot of flavour to the game. Some special cards add an extra roll or an extra die for the combat. Others help you defend or attack castles or protect your other cards from capture. 

If a tournament is called or a player attempts to take an opponent's card then there is interaction between the players, but most of the time you just watch your opponents roll dice. This is not usually a problem as turns come around quite quickly, but this game is probably best played with less than 5. 

Being a dice game it involves a chunk of luck, but a player with an understanding of probability will usually do well. All in all, a very quick game in a very small package, ideal as a filler game or when you don't have time for a game with a little more depth. 


Knights: a card and dice game for 2-6 players.

Each game lasts around 30 minutes

$9.95 (US), 7.99 (UK)

By Abacus Spiele/Rio Grande 

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