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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Progress Report on The Guild Companion's hybrid Rolemaster/d20 System modules

d20 System

The Burial Tomb of Hotnon Draden - D. Andrew Ferguson
A short d20 System scenario suitable for characters of 4th to 8th level

The Power from Within - Travis Took
Innate power levels for Sorcerers. An Open Gaming article using the System Reference Document


Teachings of the Arcane: Wisdom - Ryan Span
A mage can never truly leave the path of magic


Crafting a MECCG Deck - Nigel Buckle
General guidelines for building MECCG decks

MECCG 2002 World Championships and North American Nationals -

Press Release

Press Release: GURPS Conspiracy X has arrived - Eden Studios

Press Release: Psionics Class Book and All-Open Character Book Announced - Malhavoc Press

Press Release: RPG Schedule for the year...and beyond! - Decipher Inc.

Press Release: Shortlist for 2001 Diana Jones Award announced -

Press Release: Walking with the Dead - Eden Studios


Review: Zombies!!! - Nigel Buckle
Love zombie movies? This boardgame could be for you


Revised Weapon Attack Tables - John G
A rebalancing of Rolemaster's weapon tables to make armor protect more realistically. Usable with all editions of Rolemaster

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