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GURPS Conspiracy X has arrived

Press Release

For Immediate Release April 5th 2002

From the home offices at Aegis Prime

GURPS Conspiracy X has arrived 2 years in the making... and the truth will finally be revealed! GURPS Conspiracy X has arrived!

GURPS Conspiracy X combines the rich background of mystery, horror and intrigue found in the cult hit Conspiracy X, the game of modern conspiracies, with the popular and powerful Generic Universal Roleplaying System (GURPS). But don't take our word for it...

"Combining GURPS with Conspiracy X is like combining chocolate with peanut butter, or black technology with black magic: inevitable and irresistible." -Ken Hite, author, GURPS Cabal

This thick 288 page tome is now shipping to distributors, and has a retail price of $30.00. Ask your local retailer for it or order it from us.

George Vasilakos
Zombie Lord
Eden Studios

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