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Psionics Class Book and All-Open Character Book Announced

Press Release


CONTACT: Sue Weinlein Cook
Malhavoc Press

Psionics Class Book and All-Open Character Book Announced

April 4, 2002 (Renton, Wash.)-In a big day for Monte Cook's d20 imprint Malhavoc Press, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting(r) coauthor Sean K Reynolds has stepped up to join our design ranks, and Psionics Handbook designer Bruce R. Cordell announces his next Malhavoc title.

Sean is penning Malhavoc's first character book, Skreyn's Register: The Bonds of Magic. It details 50 new spellcasters, both arcane and divine, each with a unique spell, feat, or magic item. All the characters in the book will be open game content.

Meanwhile, Bruce announces that he's just begun work on his second psionics supplement for Malhavoc Press. Mindscapes offers new psionic prestige classes, a variant psionic combat system, many new psionic monsters, and more.

Each book will appear initially as two separate 32-page electronic releases, followed by a single-volume 64-page print release. Look for part one of The Bonds of Magic, Cabal, in early September, followed by part two, The Faithful, in mid-October. The print version of the full book is due out in December. Mindscapes: A Psion's Guide debuts in February 2003, with its companion Beasts of the Id for sale in March. The full print edition of the book follows in May.

Malhavoc Press founder, game designer Monte Cook, is pleased to be working with his former Wizards of the Coast coworkers. "My main concern with Malhavoc Press has been and always will be maintaining an extremely high standard of quality," Monte says. "With designers like Sean Reynolds and Bruce Cordell writing Malhavoc products, I can remain confident that we'll continue to uphold those standards."

The Bonds of Magic is Sean's first d20 work outside of his Wizards of the Coast titles. He says he's looking forward to working closely with Monte on the book. "We've been friends for a long time now, and it's nice to write something for someone you respect and of whom you think highly," he says.

Bruce agrees. "I'm excited to be working with both of these talented writers," he says. "I'm also glad to be able to offer fans the kinds of psionics alternatives they've been looking for in Mindscapes."

Monte invited both designers to join his team to help add quality titles to Malhavoc Press's release schedule. "We went out looking for the best designers in the business," Monte says. "And we got them. I can't think of two better choices."

Born in Watertown, S.D., Bruce worked as a research associate in process chemistry, but he couldn't resist the call of game design. In 1995 he abandoned science for a designer position at TSR (and now Wizards of the Coast). His design credits include The Sunless Citadel, Heart of Nightfang Spire, and the Origins Award-winning Return to the Tomb of Horrors. Bruce has just completed his first novel. To read more about him, visit .

Sean was born in a coastal town in southern California. A professional game designer since 1998, he coauthored the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and the Living Greyhawk(r) Gazetteer for 3rd Edition D&D(r), as well as many other books. After leaving Wizards of the Coast this spring, he spends his free time reading and creating computer animation. Read more about him at .

Malhavoc Press is the publisher of the award-winning The Book of Eldritch Might by Monte Cook, codesigner of 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons(r). Hallmarks of Malhavoc products include unusual magic, monsters, and evocative elements that go beyond traditional fantasy, as well as a mastery of the d20 System rules. All titles are available in electronic format, as well as in print versions from Sword & Sorcery(tm). For more information and free supplemental game material, visit .

(c)2002 Monte J. Cook. Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon Master, and Wizards of the Coast are registered trademarks of Wizards of the Coast Inc. Champions and Rolemaster are registered trademarks of Iron Crown Enterprises. Malhavoc and Eldritch Might are trademarks of Monte J. Cook.

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