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MECCG 2002 World Championships and North American Nationals

Press Release

Announcing the North American Championships 2002

The Council of Grey Havens proudly announces that it will host the 2002 MECCG North American Championship August 16-18 (Fri-Sun) in San Francisco, California.

The Event will be held in Building C of the Fort Mason Center. A National Historic Landmark, this former military installation is now used as convention and meeting space. It is a cultural, educational, and recreational center focusing on the visual and performing arts, humanities, education, ecology, and recreation. It is ideally situated in the northern central coast of the San Francisco Peninsula. Everything will be within walking distance.

Ft. Mason is located in a neighborhood known as the Marina district. The nice thing about the Marina district is that it is not completely touristy and is a place where some people in San Francisco actually live and work, so people can get a sense of everyday life in S.F.

Some of the things within walking distance of Fort Mason: At least 20 different hotels providing a variety of price and comfort; Views of Golden Gate bridge and Alcatraz; Tourist attractions like Fisherman's Wharf and North Beach; Any type of cuisine, a multitude of bars and cafes, grocery stores; Public transportation including cable cars.

The exact schedule is still being determined however, a tentative schedule is:

Friday: Side Events, ME:tDG on Friday night
Saturday: 5 Round Open Qualifier, standard CoE format, 2 Deck General Opponent the top 4 finishers advance to the finals; Group Dinner
Sunday: Finals in round robin format, Side Events TBD

Your hosts, the active players of Grey Havens:
Gene Berry, Sean and Skye Sandbourgh, Andy Frederickson, John Van Dinther, John Murphy, Jeff Severtson, Dave Stegman, and others.

Of course Paul Badali is being contacted for A Silver replica ONE ring from Badali Jewelry. There will be many other unique and fantastic prizes.

We will shortly announce the location of an information page on the web and maintain this webpage with all up to date information including nearby accommodation options and other useful information.

2002 World Championships Announcement

Dear MECCG fans,

The 2002 MECCG World Championships will be held in Cologne/Koln, Germany during the weekend of Aug. 30 to Sept. 1 (Fri-Sun). This will be the 3rd player-organized World Championships since the fall of ICE. Congratulations to all supporters of MECCG for making this possible. Come and celebrate this success with your fellow MECCG'ers.

Your 2002 Worlds Organizing Committee consists of:
Oliver Hoffmann - Cologne Liaison (Housing and misc.):
Wolfgang Penetsdorfer - European Liaison:
Christoph Schuermann - Tournament Coordinator:
Christian Weichmann - Logistics (Venue, Housing, etc.) Coordinator:
Brian "No Cheeze" Wong - Non-European Liaison, Consultant:

The main event will follow the standard CoE format of:

Friday: Open Qualifier - Anyone not already prequalified for the semi-finals may play to try to earn a slot. The actual number of semi-final slots available through the opens is to be determined (TBD).

Saturday: Semi-finals - Qualifiers from the Open along with attendees pre-qualified from their own Council championships/rankings (TBD by each individual council) and other CoE sanctioned events. The number of slots each active country/council receives is based on the size of their player base:

North America: 4
Germany: 4
Netherlands: 2

All other countries listed below: 1
Czech Republic

Reigning World Champion: 1
2001 European Championships: 2
2001 Benelux Open: 1
2001 Worlds organizers: 3
2001 European Championships organizers: 3

Sunday: Finals - The top 4 players from the semi-finals play a round-robin format to determine the 2002 MECCG World Champion.

Side Events: There will be a variety of these over all 3 days. Sealed deck and The Drinking Game will be among the favourites. If there is something else you would like to participate in, please let your Worlds organizing committee know.

Entry Fee (does not include food and lodging): TBD but as low as possible. (aprox. $25 U.S.) A separate bank account is being set up. A PayPal account may also be added to allow for easier payment. A web based registration form will be posted in the future for your convenience.

Housing and Food: Onsite and with local players. Onsite lodging starts at aprox. 20EUR per night. Individual rooms are available for more. Food is available onsite as well as in the area. Group dinner options are being arranged. Some more information is available through:
The venue:
Tourist information:

Updates will be posted as frequently as possible. Please spread the word about this announcement. We look forward to seeing you all in Cologne!

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