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It's Time to Go "Walking with the Dead"

Press Release

Los Angeles, California - EdenStudios, Inc. is excited to announce production and distribution of a feature movie based on its highly successful zombie survivor horror role-playing game All Flesh Must Be Eaten. The movie, entitled Walking With The Dead, will be a FountainheadPictures production, by Joe and Dan Masucci. It is currently in development and will be released as a direct-to-DVD feature slated for Fall 2003.

"I'm so excited to produce this movie. The chance to create a new venue of exposure for All Flesh Must Be Eaten is a great step for both Eden Studios and the game. I've been a fan of the Masucci Brothers movies since they began, and their guerrilla movie-making tactics reminds me of what we do on the game front here at Eden. I can't wait to see what they can do with a budget," said George Vasilakos, President of Eden Studios. "This is historic. Nobody yet has combined a movie and a gaming supplement in one easy-to-digest package. It will definitely be something zombie fans, and AFMBE maniacs in particular, can really sink their teeth into."

"Zombies. Everyone loves a zombie film. We have long discussed making a zombie picture. Being able to use the All Flesh Must Be Eaten property gets us an immediate leg up from a promotion standpoint, provides tremendous creative inspiration, and grants access to some of the most rabid zombie fanatics going-AFMBE gamers," added Dan Masucci, founder of Fountainhead Pictures. "We intend to make a great zombie movie-one that the most discriminating zombie fan will enjoy."

The Walking With The Dead DVD will include special, behind-the-scenes footage of the movie-making process, commentary tracks from the filmmakers, and a ready-to-run adventure for the AFMBE roleplaying game detailing the zombies, world and cast of the movie.

Keep an eye on for more information and previews.

Eden Studios makes cool games. Their latest hit, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, the zombie survivor horror role-playing game, sold through the initial print run in less than four weeks. Eden also produces the Buffy the Vampire Slayer role playing game based on the hit Fox TV show, CJ Carella's WitchCraft, the role playing game of dark secrets and magic, Conspiracy X, the role playing game of aliens and government cover-ups, and the Eden Odyssey line of d20 system game products. On the lighter side, Eden Studios offers HACK!, a humorous card game based on the Knights of the Dinner Table comic book by Kenzer and Company, and Abduction, the fast and furious game of alien abduction. Check out all the Eden Studios products at

Fountainhead Pictures brings Hollywood to upstate New York. Owned and operated by brothers, Joe and Dan Masucci, this filmmaking fraternity has been producing guerrilla movies since 1995. Graceland, their fan fiction episode of The X-Files has become a cult favorite among film fan and has been seen around the world, most recently at Sci-Fi London, a Science Fiction and Fantasy Film Festival. The Masucci Brothers are known for completing exciting projects that have a big feel despite their micro budgets. For more information about The Masucci Brothers please visit http://

George Vasilakos
Zombie Lord
Eden Studios

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