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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
City of Archendurn Goes On Sale At Last


Mercy - Joel Lovell
When the Confederation arrives on your world, it's time to start running. An original Spacemaster story


Gaming Tips - Getting into the story - Eric Brad
Advice on how to improve as both player and/or a GM

The Collector - Part Two - The Guild Companion, D. Andrew Ferguson, and Jarrett Sylvestre
A d20 System-Rolemaster campaign module in four parts. This issue: two extended scenarios in the world of Golandra


The Guild Companion: The Hunt for the Ring - Nigel Buckle
A competitive Minion alignment deck with a ruthless hazard strategy


Review: Blaster Law - Brent Knorr
All the futuristic weapons you'll ever need and more for your Spacemaster campaign

Review: Fire and Ice Addendum - Brent Knorr
It's the 32 pages which didn't make it into Fire And Ice: The Elemental Companion


The Guild Companion: Sand Law - Per-Henrik Bongo
A new elemental spell list for the children of the desert


City of Archendurn - The Preview - Guild Companion Publications and Aaron Smalley
A special preview of our first commercial module, a fantasy setting fully compatible with Rolemaster and d20 System

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