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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Module progress report and ICE-related gaming events at Dragonmeet


An Interview with John Seal - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The Guild Companion talks to John Seal, the new owner of ICE

Heroic History - Alain Bonet
Ever wanted to bring history to life in your gaming? Both the rewards and the pitfalls are explored with examples from Rolemaster's historical supplements

The Collector Part One - The Guild Companion, D. Andrew Ferguson, and Jarrett Sylvestre
A d20 System-Rolemaster campaign module in four parts. This issue: the world of Golandra

The Temptation of Treasure - Nicholas HM Caldwell
Advice for GMs on the careful placement of treasure in fantasy RPGs and how to recover from mistakes gracefully


A Fallen Wizard Deck - Nigel Buckle
A no-holds barred Fallen Wizard deck without the indignity of 'squatting'

MECCG-Worlds 2002 in Cologne/Germany - Wolfgang Penetsdorfer
Report on the recent Worlds championships and the winning deck

Press Release

Press Release: Dragonmeet Gets Dorkier - Gameforce Ltd


Review: Lord of the Rings: The Confrontation - Nigel Buckle
A fast playing Stratego-style boardgame for two players set in Middle-Earth


Forgotten Realms Race and Adolescence Table - Christopher Adams
A translation of the standard Forgotten Realms races into Rolemaster statistics.

Magic Affects Everyone - Eric Brad
Magic in a fantasy world - a gentle introduction for beginning players and GMs

Simplifying Resistance Rolls - Jonathan Dale
Streamlined spell-casting for Rolemaster (RMSS and RMFRP)

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