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MECCG-Worlds 2002 in Cologne/Germany

Copyright Wolfgang Penetsdorfer ©2002

Edited by Nigel Buckle for The Guild Companion

The fellowship of our game was never very large, and now there is no support from the publisher, the Lord of the Ring-films and masses of new products following it try to surfeit the desire for Middle-earth. But still there is the MECCG-corner, where you will probably find the most dedicated and steadfast players to a game ever!

So 53 people from all over the world travelled the lands through Germany to Cologne, to have fun in the world of Tolkien's fiction and to find the world champion 2002. We were made very welcome and the Germans obviously are a hospitable folk, still hospitality has its boundaries - they couldn't let the title of a world's champion go easily. Two of them made it to the finals, where four players played each other. In the end Wanja Hargens (of Germany) won, followed by Wim Heemskerk (of The Netherlands), Patrick Kubrat (of Germany) and Karel Trnobransky (of The Czech Republic). So after becoming German and European Champion a year ago, Wanja finally crowned his MECCG-career in Cologne and was awarded a golden One Ring.

There was also a Country Cup played. Eight nations took part and the winning team came from France, followed by USA and Argentina.

A third title could have been earned during that weekend, and for many players it was the most wanted one. Who will become the Drinking-Game-World champion 2002? After a tournament, where obviously everyone was doing his best, the winner came from the favourite Czech team: Karel Trnobransky.

There were many side-events played during the weekend: Hero Sealed Deck, Lidless-Eye Sealed Deck, Hero Constructed, Booster Draft. No-one left without getting some prizes. Everything was well organized; we all had a fantastic weekend in Cologne.

If you want to know more about it, come and visit the World's homepage at There you will find all the tournament result and photos. Enjoy reading the reports, for example Andreas Becker's one, who commented the finals. Also the decks of the four finalists are provided (Wanja's winning decks are copied below).

I'm sure there will be worlds next year, and I really hope to meet many of you there. Given the fantastic experience of worlds 2002, the everlasting fascination of MECCG and the great folk MECCG-players are, I expect masses of people there!

Wanja Hargens, World Champion 2002
versus Wizard & Fallen Wizard

Starting characters & items
1. Azog
2. Bolg
3. Doeth
4. Euog (Ulzog)
5. Shagrat
6. Ugluk

Characters for Deck
1. The Balrog
2. The Balrog
3. The Balrog

1. Ancient Secrets
2. Ancient Secrets
3. Broad-Headed Spear
4. Burning Rick, Cot, and Tree
5. Burning Rick, Cot, and Tree
6. Burning Rick, Cot, and Tree
7. Dark Tryst
8. Dark Tryst
9. Dark Tryst
10. Great Shadow
11. High Helm
12. I'll report you
13. I'll report you
14. I'll report you
15. Orcs of Moria
16. Stinker
17. Stone Trolls
18. Swift Strokes
19. Swift Strokes
20. Swift Strokes
21. Tempest of Fire
22. Tempest of Fire
23. Tempest of Fire
24. The Warg-King
25. Threats
26. Threats
27. We have Come to Kill
28. We have Come to Kill
29. We have Come to Kill
30. Weigh All Things to a Nicety

1. Adunaphel
2. Ambusher
3. Ambusher
4. Ambusher
5. An Unexpected Outpost
6. An Unexpected Outpost
7. Bane of the Ithil-stone
8. Bane of the Ithil-stone
9. Beorning Skin-changers
10. Beorning Skin-changers
11. Beorning Skin-changers
12. Cave Drake
13. Cave Drake
14. Cave Drake
15. Cave Worm
16. Cave Worm
17. Daelomin at Home
18. Doors of Night
19. Doors of Night
20. Foolish Words
21. Foolish Words
22. Foolish Words
23. Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
24. Mouth of Sauron
25. Revealed to all Watchers
26. River
27. River
28. Twilight
29. Twilight
30. Uvatha the Horseman

1. An Unexpected Outpost
2. Ancient Black Axe
3. Ancient Secrets
4. Call of Home
5. Earcaraxe Ahunt
6. Great Lord of Goblin-gate
7. Great Shadow
8. Hill-troll
9. Hill-troll
10. Hill-troll
11. Itangast Ahunt
12. Mountain-maggot
13. Mountain-maggot
14. Muster Disperses
15. People Diminished
16. People Diminished
17. Piercing all Shadows
18. Pilfer Anything unwatched
19. Rolled down to the sea
20. Searching Eye
21. Shadow of Mordor
22. Sudden Call
23. The Balance of Things
24. The Roving Eye
25. Threats
26. Troll Lout
27. Troll Lout
28. Troll Lout
29. Twilight
30. Weigh all Things to a Nicety

Anti-Fallen Wizard Sideboard
1. Bane of the Ithil-stone
2. Blind to the East
3. Fool's Bane
4. Heart grown Cold
5. Ire of the East
6. Nameless Thing
7. Nameless Thing
8. Nature's Revenge
9. Nature's Revenge
10. Wild Trolls

Wanja Hargens, World Champion 2002
versus Minion, Balrog

Starting characters & items
1. Doeth (Durthak)
2. Euog (Ulzog)
3. Gorbag
4. Orc Brawler
5. Orc Captain
6. Orc Captain
7. Orc Chieftain
8. Orc Tracker
9. Shagrat
10. Ugluk
Blazon of the Eye

Characters for Deck
1. Ren the Ringwraith
2. Ren the Ringwraith
3. Ren the Ringwraith
4. Baduila
5. Golodhros
6. Orc Captain
7. Orc Tracker
8. Orc Tracker
9. Thaladan
10. Troll Lout
11. Troll Lout
12. Troll Lout

1. Awaiting the Call
2. Awaiting the Call
3. Awaiting the Call
4. Bade to Rule
5. Blasting Fire
6. Blasting Fire
7. Blasting Fire
8. Creature of an Older World
9. Dark Tryst
10. Dark Tryst
11. Dark Tryst
12. Great Army of the North
13. Great Bats
14. Half-Trolls
15. Helm of Fear
16. Liquid Fire
17. Liquid Fire
18. Liquid Fire
19. Orcs of the Ephel Duath
20. Twilight
21. Ungol-orks
22. Uruk-Hai
23. Voices of Malice
24. Voices of Malice
25. Voices of Malice
26. War-wolf
27. War-wolf
28. War-wolf
29. Weigh all Things to a Nicety
30. Weigh all Things to a Nicety

1. Adunaphel
2. An Unexpected Outpost
3. An Unexpected Outpost
4. An Unexpected Outpost
5. Chill Douser
6. Chill Douser
7. Chill Douser
8. Doubled Vigiliance
9. Foolish Words
10. Foolish Words
11. Foolish Words
12. Heedless Revelry
13. Heedless Revelry
14. Heedless Revelry
15. Mouth of Sauron
16. My Precious
17. Nameless Thing
18. Nameless Thing
19. Revealed to All Watchers
20. Siege
21. Siege
22. Stirring Bones
23. Stirring Bones
24. Stirring Bones
25. Twilight
26. Twilight
27. Uvatha the Horseman
28. Wisp of Pale Sheen
29. Wisp of Pale Sheen
30. Wisp of Pale Sheen

1. A Malady without Healing
2. A Malady without Healing
3. Arthadan Rangers
4. Covetous Thougts
5. Doubled Vigiliance
6. Great Bats
7. Horse-Lords
8. Itangast Ahunt
9. Nameless Thing
10. Orcs of the Red Eye
11. Rolled down to the Sea
12. Saruman, the Wise
13. Siege
14. Skies of Fire
15. Stay her Appetite
16. Stay her Appetite
17. Sudden Call
18. The Balance of Things
19. The Way is Shut
20. The Way is Shut
21. Tribute Garnered
22. Tribute Garnered
23. Tribute Garnered
24. Troll Purse
25. Troll-Purse
26. Unhappy Blows
27. Uvatha the Ringwraith
28. Vile Fumes
29. Vile Fumes
30. Weigh all Things to a Nicety

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