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The Torturer

Copyright Lem Richards ©1991, 2002
Contact:  Ross Henton

Edited by Lowell R. Matthews for The Guild Companion

The Torturer is a Semi-Spell-User of Channeling and Arms who specializes in the creation of extreme, prolonged pain and suffering to his victims - ideally without causing death unless so ordered.  Torturers are most often sponsored by religious organizations of extremely strict or aggressive natures, but are sometimes employed by officials of the state or by private individuals to extract information or as a means of blackmail or threat.

The Torturer is extremely skilled in psychological as well as physical tortures, both direct and subtle.  A true Torturer is dispassionate and apathetic toward his victims, looking upon each encounter as simply his job.  A known Torturer instills fear and terror by his very presence.  His Prime Requisites are Presence and Intuition (PR/IN).

Editor's Note:  For referees who classify spell lists (and their associated professions) according to such a system as White (Good), Gray (Neutral or Tainted), and Black (Evil), the Torturer and his base lists are clearly Black in nature.  However, as is true for the Sorcerer, while knowledge of any of these Black lists makes a user an "Evil Spellcaster" (e.g., especially vulnerable to Holy weapons) it is still possible for a rare individual user to be Neutral rather than Evil.

Torturer Base Spell Lists

  1. Afflictions of the Mind
  2. Afflictions of the Soul
  3. Afflictions of the Body
  4. Mind Destruction (Sorcerer Base List, Spell Law, p. 85)
  5. Flesh Destruction (Sorcerer Base List, Spell Law, p. 85)
  6. Physical Erosion (Evil Essence List, Spell Law, p. 82)

Torturer Skills Costs

  • Weapon Skills:  3/7; 4; 6; 6; 6; 9
  • Maneuvering in Armor:
    • Soft Leather:  2/*
    • Rigid Leather:  2/*
    • Chain:  3/*
    • Plate:  5/*
  • Magical Skills:
    • Spell Lists:  4/*
    • Runes:  4
    • Staves & Wands:  4
    • Channeling:  5
    • Directed Spells:  10
  • Special Skills:
    • Ambush:  3
    • Linguistics:  3/*
    • Adrenal Moves:  2/7
    • Adrenal Defense:  20
    • Martial Arts:  4
    • Body Development:  2/7
  • General Skills:
    • Climbing:  3/9
    • Swimming:  2/6
    • Riding:  2/6
    • Disarming Traps:  4
    • Picking Locks:  4
    • Stalk & Hide:  1/5
    • Perception:  2/7
Other Skills:  Refer to the Development Point costs given below for those skills unique to the Torturer profession.  All other skills' DP costs are identical to those of the Thief.

  • Academic Skills:
    • Administration:  1/2
    • Sanity Healing Lore:  1/4
  • Linguistic Skills:
    • Public Speaking:  1/2
  • Medical Skills:
    • Hypnosis:  2/4
    • Surgery:  1/4
  • Perception Skills:
    • Lie Perception:  1/2
  • Social Skills:
    • Interrogation:  1/3
    • Torture:  1/2
  • Subterfuge Skills:
    • Acting:  1/4

Torturer Level Bonuses

Arms Law Combat:  +1
Base Spell Casting:  +1
Deadly Skills:  +2
Medical Skills:  +2
Perception Skills:  +1
Social Skills:  +2
Subterfuge Skills:  +1

Torture Skill (Social Skills Category)

TORTURE (Re/In) - Bonus to attempts at creating the greatest possible pain with the least amount of physical damage to the target.  The bonus of this skill is substituted for the normal bonus associated with a weapon or other instrument that might be used for torture.  Upon a successful strike, the attack is resolved normally and concussion hits are totaled.  These hits represent pain, not actual physical damage.  If the torturer is not careful and exceeds the target's total concussion hits by more than double, the target instantly dies (i.e., begins soul departure).  Concussion hits suffered from torture are recovered at 5× the target's regular healing rate for normal damage.

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