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Words from the Wise (Guys) - Nicholas HM Caldwell
The Editor talks about HARP and Construct Companion


High Adventure Role Playing - Tim Dugger and Brent Knorr
A preview of ICE's upcoming new role-playing game system by its designer Tim Dugger

SYMKA Issue 2 - Sean McGinity
The parahumans form an uneasy alliance as they seek information on the missing Tibetan tablets

SYMKA Weapons - Sean McGinity
A look at some of the unusual weaponry found in the SYMKA and World of Genetics setting


Playing MECCG - Combat - Nigel Buckle
The third in our seven-part series on how to improve your MECCG games through better play - Nigel crunches the numbers and lays out the odds

The MECCG Article Index - Nigel Buckle
The insider's guide on how to find all the MECCG articles published in The Guild Companion

Other Worlds

A Shroud of Mystery in Gondor - Phillip Gladney, Joe Mandala
A Ready-to-Run adventure for Decipher's Lord of the Rings RPG


Fate, Chance, and Fudging the Dice - Eric Brad
Our continuing series of GM advice looks behind the scenes at keeping PCs alive

RoleMaster PBEM - Randy Severance
Rules for Play By E-Mail for RMSS

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