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SYMKA Weapons

Copyright Sean McGinity ©2003

Artwork by and copyright © 2003 by James Pronteau for The Guild Companion

Edited by Suzanne Campbell for The Guild Companion

Magic Tech Blaster

The Magic Tech Blaster is a product of Katharta Incorporated. The Blaster fires short bursts of magical energy (also called Eldritch energy) by pulling energy from a power pack, which occurs when the trigger is pressed. The power pack inserts into the bottom of the handle of the weapon. The Blaster siphons small amounts of energy from the power pack into the "chamber", a cylindrical section of the Blaster located near the barrel of the weapon. The chamber of the Blaster processes the energy, thickening it into a more palpable form, at which point it is projected from the Blaster at a high velocity by inertia. The siphoning of the energy and its conversion happens quickly, so that depressing the trigger releases a burst from the Blaster within milliseconds.

The power packs themselves can be powered up in different ways. The power pack can be charged directly from the Blaster. The side trigger will reverse the energy flow. Then, by placing their hands on the chamber, a magic caster can infuse energy into the chamber, which will feed into the chamber and then into the power pack. The process is complete when the power pack is full. The Blaster automatically turns off the feed at that point, returning the secondary trigger to its original position. The Blaster is then ready to go, or another empty power pack can be inserted for a second charge on another pack.

The power packs can also be charged by placing several packs together, plugged into a larger machine. A master "chamber" is used for the magic user to infuse his energy into, and the energy is split and inserted into all of the packs simultaneously. This does require the caster to have very high levels of magic.

Telescoping Staff

The Telescoping Staff is the weapon of the adventurer known as Stick. The weapon rests at a length of 3 feet. The head, or pommel, of the staff is bulbous, and is used to deliver more weight and impact to a blow. A twist of the pommel releases a switch that extends the staff to its full extension of 6 feet. A second twist locks the staff at full extension. The weapon is made of tempered steel, making it strong enough to withstand most impacts, yet light enough to wield easily. The staff weighs in at 10 pounds, with 4 pounds concentrated in the pommel of the weapon.

Kukri Blade

The Kukri is the weapon wielded by the adventurer known as El Tigre. The Kukri is a meld of steel alloys granting it a material strength equivalent to solid stone. The edge of the blade is razor sharp - able to cut through most materials including bulletproof glass, brick and concrete. The origins of the blade hark back to El Tigre's biological parents, who had given it to their child before they went missing. The history of the blade is still unknown.


Editor's Note:

SYMKA and the World of Genetics are the intellectual property of Sean McGinity - all rights reserved.

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